Kylie's imagination

Young Kylie's imagination is strong and is leading her into a path of peril. When suddenly she couldn't control her anger she imagens to life her very own
The only way to set things right is for Kylie to reverse her imagination.
Can she do that?Can she reverse her own imagination? Is it possible?
Find out now in the book!


1. Prologue

Kylie huddled into the damp corner of the corner of the alley, pressing herself back into the darkness. Her breath came in sobs-what had she done? she could hear footsteps gettng nearer. Kylie had to escape. She looked upwards; above her she saw a large open window."Result" she cried. She tugged the sudlen plaster of the wall using it as if it was a ladder, finally she had reached the top " Uuhh now how do i get DOWWWW...!!. she stopped. Down below her was the ALIEN MONSTER!!!. Now you may be wondering whats going on well it starts like this!!!

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