Just because

Is a poem about the revolutions, my feelings about it and wanting freedom


1. Just because




To cry

To sob

To not be able to breath

When crying


My heart is cramping inside me

Showing me the capacity of humanity

So much trying to reach out

To help


I feel at loss

I feel my tears running endlessly

My smile bitter

Never really smiling

Remembering the horrors


My family

My friends



Just because


The frustration

Welling inside me

The walls of my heart


Failing beneath my grip

Altogether failing

In surviving

In helping


I need words

To describe

To let you feel

What my mouth and heart and eyes

Are seeing

And yet

We're all

Not able to form the words

Bearing the weight of the blood

The loss

The anger and sadness

The deep hurting pain

The bullying

The torturing

The killing



Just in front of me

To people

I know

To people

I don't even know

To people

Whose names I don't consider important

When their lives are at stake

To people

I didn't ever feel anything about

To normal people


And to people

Who are humans

Just as much as me

With hearts

And families

And siblings

And parents

And they're all being killed

Just because


Think about me

Only a watcher

Think about them


The difference is slight

Not at all

I can only feel desperate and depressed

I can feel fury and anger

I can feel pain

But the feelings

Are just feelings

And when I see it in that way

It's humiliating for me

To be talking about

Being hurt

When people


Are hurt

The difference

Not even a mile

The difference

Is eternity

Between knowing and feeling

And watching and feeling


When I hear

I don't feel

What they see


Their lives

Is a Tumbling Around

Never feeling safe

Wanting freedom

Calling for freedom

I want freedom

We want freedom

And one by one

They fall

For calling for freedom

One by one

They fall

For wanting freedom

Just because


Do you follow me


The one

The watcher

Who only watches

Never feels

What real life is

To them


I want

They call

I want

I call

I want

We call


A single word

A cloak

Enveloping us


Because we want to live

In freedom


Because we want to live

WE  CALL Because everyone around us

Is being killed

Just because


Who are they to choose

To cut the lives of people

Just because


Who are they

To kill people

Just because


Who are they

To shorten lives

And families

And feelings

And happiness'

Just because


I want

We call


Just because

We want



Is it not fair

To call

For freedom

To live in freedom

Just because


Is it not fair

To want freedom

Just because

Everyone else has freedom

Just because

They were born in freedom

Just because

We're humans


Just because?



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