Brothers & Sisters & Friends

The Poem that sums up everything to do with love friendship and family members :P <3 xx Enjoy!

- Jess x


2. Brother & Sadness

Brother, looking down upon you

from where I am...

Can't you listen to the message in the sky

Why Oh Why...

Do you remember the fun we had together?

It was supposed to last forever...



The times we had were memories never to be forgotten

Never ever bring up the memories that were rotten

Think of me, because I think of you, Looking down upon

Remember me, Brother I can't be your shoulder to cry on

I'm no longer with you, I know that

I'm a soul who loved you, I am in your heart at all times.

Your life is still great, even without your best mate...

It's never too late! Why wait?

Just promise me this brother?

Remember me as your only brother


I still look down on you, Thinking of good times that we had together.

Leaving you was never intended, I wanted to come back to you

But I am no longer on earth, The oxygen you breathe in

We don't breathe the same air

While you have everything you ever wanted

except me, Remember me brother

Remember me x


- Your One & Only Brother x







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