Kimi & I - The Sad Life Tales...

Kimi & I - The Sad Life Tales...
The Competition Entry for Write A Story About A Picture - My Entry x
Kimi is a 16 year old girl who loves helping and caring for others and her life has been great until it all changes in her new College, I saw it all... :'(

This story is only great when you read it slowly ;) <3 xx

Hope you loved it as much as i loved making it

Version 1.0 - Chapter 1 & 2 & 3
- Fixed Grammar


2. Kimi & I - Yes & No? What do they mean?

Kimi & I - Chapter 2 - Yes & No? What Do They Mean?

Kimi was now inside the College hoping that she would see me there, However i was still making my way there as i had already now knew that i was late, Kimi then felt the walls they felt smooth and a bit rigged in the centre, Kimi slowly walked with her soft trainers while her cute little feet were cushioned in the leather and feeling a bit sore from the pressure but she was fine, Kimi then approached the Flume Cafe while tilting her head down a bit since she was feeling even more home-sick because she really missed her kitten she had said to me in the past that her heart and her kittens heart are like a puzzle it can only be mended when they are together, This does make me feel guilty and warm on the inside but Kimi had always felt that when she is near her baby kitten. While Kimi was walking towards the glass bars of the Flume Cafe she felt the glass with her small fingertips while running down her soft elegant hands, As she gripped the end of the bars she felt like she was at home again it just reminded her of home, Because she used to do monkey bars on the glass bars at her home, A small transparent blue tear rolled down her face as it dripped onto her small hands, The worker at the Cafe saw Kimi let out a tear and asked if she was okay, Kimi just ignored him while wiping her face with her long fluffy silky sleeves.

I had finally made my way to the College on time... However i was late so i did feel a bit down, As i walked into the building i felt my silky scarf while brushing my fingertips down clothes, Before i knew it a teacher came out of the rooms and told me that i was late, Even though i already knew i was late so i shrugged while feeling even more guilty, Walking out on the teacher was probably one big mistake that i should of never made, While Kimi was crying outside the school while leaning against the solid flat brick wall, As the sky changed colour and the clouds started moving at bit faster while wind was getting stronger, Just out of no-where a massive blast of wind and thunder struck the sky while Kimi was outside she was getting drenched in water but she never cared... I was now waiting for the teacher to come back and give me a punishment for walking away from a teacher it's apparently disrespectful, pfff... yeah what ever, However Kimi was having a very bad day since the rain was now heavier than she could handle and the wind was so powerful it was strong enough to flip one of trucks outside onto it's back, Poor Kimi was still upset while she was trying to keep it together like her heart puzzle it just kept separating this had broken her heart... Kimi then wiped her hand across her face while feeling the grains of gravel with her other hand, She was now fully drenched in water as she tried to stand the wind knocked her onto her face first on the solid prickly ground, Kimi was now bleeding and knocked out in this horrible storm... While i was finally getting what i deserved the teacher took me to the office and i told them that nothing is wrong with me, But the Mr Keith wouldn't give up he just kept asking questions i swear it was like 60 questions in 60 secs...

Finally it was over, The detention had taken over 10 minutes of my time as i was then walking out the room and going to have a break with a snack involved, Kimi was still unconscious while puddles built up around her reflecting her face with blood spiralling in the puddles, Me and my classmates then had break together while trying to sneak outside and have some air i know it was raining but i don't care i just want some air... Johnny the hottest boy in the College who all the girls go crazy for well today was a surprise since Johnny was tidying his locker and talking to some of the girls who were pretty and cute, Then after Johnny spoken to them he turned around while winking at me he was trying to get my attention but i ignored him, The only way for a boy to like you is to see if he isn't fooling around with you, well that's what i my great nan used to say, As i closed my locker with a slam Johnny looked at me again from the corner of my eye i gazed at him for a split second then quickly turned away from him, Yeah i have to admit he is hot but i need to clear my head of everything that has happened this year, After 30 minutes of thinking of recent events and past events i decided to go outside for a break away from boys and friends...



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