Kimi & I - The Sad Life Tales...

Kimi & I - The Sad Life Tales...
The Competition Entry for Write A Story About A Picture - My Entry x
Kimi is a 16 year old girl who loves helping and caring for others and her life has been great until it all changes in her new College, I saw it all... :'(

This story is only great when you read it slowly ;) <3 xx

Hope you loved it as much as i loved making it

Version 1.0 - Chapter 1 & 2 & 3
- Fixed Grammar


1. Kimi & I - Our Life & Our End...

Kimi & I - Chapter 1

Heyy i am Jessica most of friends call me Jess for short, I am 16 and i have a BFF who is Kimi, She cares about the world and i mean the world, Here is a image of me when i was 15 [IMG][/IMG].

Yeah i have to admit i look cute but it's not what i think it's what everyone else thinks isn't it?, Anyway me and Kimi known each other for a while now, We go to the same schools because we really are like sister's and she thinks so too, Until that one day came... It all started like this, it was summer and the sun was out with flowers blooming from their beauty of looking great in the summer, However me and Kimi weren't blooming if anything we were falling and hitting rock bottom, I don't get how any of this could have happened, But it did and none of us expected it too hit us so fast, In fact it was a shock to me and my sister Kimi well she isn't my sister but we liked to think that anyway. On Tuesday morning, It was a normal day with the sun beaming down on our windows shining through the light of beauty, That light was so bright it was hurting my eyes a bit but Kimi's day went from bad to worse...

While i was getting ready to go to our college and preparing some breakfast for me and my mum who was very ill, Kimi was getting ready for college too but she was too busy focusing on her looks since she loved to look good where ever she goes, Just as i was about to leave my poor mum in the house unattended with love and care from her only daughter i did feel guilty but she knows i have to get great grades and start a future it's what she has always wanted me to do, Before i left the house though i made mum a huge breakfast with a cute little card from me as get well soon present, I then slowly gripped the golden handle and slowly pulled it towards me as the smooth door moved towards me at an angle, I slowly shut the door with no sound it was so quiet mum never even realised i was out of the room, I then checked my black berry for the time and it was 7:30 AM, I still had like an hour before college so i decided to use that time to have little nap on the smooth cream sofa it was so soft as i felt it with my smooth hand as i slowly ran my hand down the arms of the sofa. After feeling the sofa i then slowly crouched down on my mums cute rug and then placed my smooth small ass on the centre of the sofa, I felt the sofa go down into like a inside dome shape from the pressure of me on the sofa, I then blinked because my eye was a bit sore from rubbing it too much, As i slowly placed my back and head on the right arm of the smooth sofa, I then nested into the puffy white pillows while my eyes closed slowly as i drifted off to sleep.

Kimi still had thirty minutes before college so she went down-stairs to brush her puffy cute kitten which she has always loved even when she was fifteen, As she went down the stairs she felt a cold breeze of air burst through the window of the living room, Kimi then slowly crept into the living room while feeling the nice air of the breeze while the scorching sun spread heat into the room as she could feel it on her back, Kimi then went to her kitten which was nested into the pillows of the sofa, Kimi slowly placed her small hands on her kitten's head and rubbed her ears with a nice touch while Kimi was also texting me with her right small hand on her Iphone, But i was still snoozing and nesting myself into the pillows while letting our some quiet breathe's, I then woke up from the sun's rays that were beaming onto my back, My eyes opened slowly as i gazed out my window from where i was sitting, Kimi then realised the time was 8:20 AM so she stuttered and slowly got out of her comfy position on the smooth sofa while kissing good-bye to her little kitten, Kimi grabbed her beautiful fluffy collared coat and wrapped her soft warm scarf across her lovely smooth neck, As she was about to leave her home for college she grabbed her sexy red and blue laced trainers which were very smooth and had a nice feel to them as she thought anyway.

I then had shaken from the lovely touch of the puffy pillow that rubbed down my back slowly and it felt lovely, Before i realised the time was now 8:25 AM, I slowly placed my hands on the wooden polished oval table, It felt so smooth and the dust from the end of the table rubbed onto my small fingertips, The dust was nesting into the skin of my fingertips, I felt the smooth dust as i then wiped it off with the sleeve of my jacket, I had just noticed the time and got up from the lovely sofa and rushed to the front door which was quite nice looking from a distance, I placed my smooth right hand on the brass cornered lock and pulled it to the left to unlock my front door, The feeling of touching the brass made my fingers feel cold and hands felt colder, I then opened the door and took the first step of the day outside in my lovely leopard skinned boots, I then placed my jacket sleeve on my shoulder to keep me warmer since some reason i felt cold, As i looked up i saw the beautiful blue sky which was spread out across the globe, As i blinked slowly i could see loads of fluffy clouds move with the nice cool wind, As i felt the cold air it just made me feel warm inside but cold outside. Kimi had just arrived at the college entrance and she was ready to enter the warm building, She could feel the warm sensation of the air pull her inside of this lovely building while she did feel at home but also felt homesick on the inside, Kimi then taken out her Iphone and checked her latest messages which made her feel a bit better on the inside, But still wasn't enough comfort for her since she missed her baby kitten, I too felt homesick because of guilt inside me telling me to go back and care for my mum, But it wasn't making a huge impact on me it was effecting Kimi alot more because she only has her step mum which she doesn't exactly like, The only true person well animal she truly had loved is her baby kitten it's the only creature that she loves the most.


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