Kimi & I - The Sad Life Tales...

Kimi & I - The Sad Life Tales...
The Competition Entry for Write A Story About A Picture - My Entry x
Kimi is a 16 year old girl who loves helping and caring for others and her life has been great until it all changes in her new College, I saw it all... :'(

This story is only great when you read it slowly ;) <3 xx

Hope you loved it as much as i loved making it

Version 1.0 - Chapter 1 & 2 & 3
- Fixed Grammar


3. Kimi & I - Leave me? Why? WHAT!? (18+) Reccomended

Chapter 3 - Kimi & I Leave me? Why? WHAT!

Rain and thunder closed in on Kimi's lifeless body, As i found the exit to the outside of the College i placed my firm hands on the edges of the door and booted it, As it opened i closed my eyes so they could adjust as i opened them there she was lying on the gravel dead?, I felt rain hammer my arms and legs like i was going to be pinned to the ground, Puddles were deep enough for someone's foot to go in looking down at her lifeless body Kimi! i shouted but no reply as thunder got louder i began to worry more, I knew what i had to do and that was to call an ambulance or drag Kimi inside and tell the teachers, I went for plan a to call the ambulance so i did but my battery was so low i doubt it would last long enough for an ambulance emergency call so i left it on End call and placed it back in my rough but soft pocket and then went with plan b to drag her into the building and tell the teacher's, But my old friend Elisha walked past me ignoring Kimi and i told her to tell the teachers about the accident so they can call an ambulance, But she ignored me while going up to Kimi and lifting her by the scarf while speaking softly "You got what you deserved *****" I saw Elisha talking to my best friend in a horrible manner but the question was did i have the guts to go up to her and slap her. Then Elisha lifted her up and slapped her around the lip while pulling her scarf tighter and whispering horrible words in Kimi's left ear, Elisha then turned around and looked at me then she spoken softly "Jess come and help me beat her up, She deserves this remember?" I started panicking on the inside while my heart rapidly beat every split second, Elisha then pulled out some wax from her bag and said shall we humiliate her?, I just stood there with guilt eating at me like zombies Elisha then squished the wax with her greasy hands and spat on it to make it look more like liquid, I then felt sick and guilty i was going to do something to stop her but i know what she is capable of. 

Kimi was now bleeding more from the beating that she got from Elisha, I stood there and after 30 seconds i began to feel dizzy as if i was going to fall over and sleep, Elisha had wax on her greasy hands and started to grip onto Kimi's coat with one hand and then use the other hand to unzip Kimi's coat, I was feeling weird and dizzy as i saw Elisha doing something horrible to Kimi my best friend... Elisha was a dirty girl always has been she does do sexual things which offend many pupils, Kimi was lying there in the freezing cold with Elisha sitting on top of her, I then saw Elisha rip off Kimi's coat and tank top with her hands and teeth, Elisha then saw Kimi's bellybutton and saw her leopard bra as she then stuck some wax with spit in Kimi's belly button i was about to be sick, Elisha then laughed while slapping Kimi's face with her leather coat, The marks that were now imprinted on Kimi's face was horrible to look at... Elisha then ripped Kimi's bra off to humiliate and expose Kimi forever, Kimi's breasts were now hanging out in the freezing cold while Elisha was laughing i felt guilty and then it hit me, I had enough courage to whack Elisha round the face, Elisha then slapped Kimi again and kissed her on the forehead while then rubbing her hand on Kimi's breasts and rubbed wax and spit all over her body while Elisha was going to go even further and undress Kimi completely naked. This made  me angry so i tightened my fist and slowly walked up to Elisha's back, Elisha then started licking Kimi's breasts while spitting on her face with laughter, I then grabbed Elisha by the shoulder and slapped her around the face with my hand, Elisha fell sideways off Kimi's belly onto the gravel the force i put into that slap was enough to knock someone off a chair, Elisha was furious and called me a backstabber and then she booted me in my arms and smashed my legs with gravel the pain...

I then fell with blood pouring out of my leg onto the rock hard gravel it hurt so much, I almost fainted from the pain but i can't let Elisha expose Kimi naked for the whole College to see... I pressed my hand on the ground and dived at Elisha as she went crashing to the ground her lip was now cut open with blood and bruises she got really mad and smashed her elbow into my ribs and then booted me in the shin, OUCH! i fell back knowing that i have failed while panting i was lying there on the ground in pain as my eyes were about to shut from the pain i had failed to help Kimi and she has never failed on me, I couldn't take the pain so i fell unconscious with bruises and blood on me...

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