Kimi & I - The Sad Life Tales...

Kimi & I - The Sad Life Tales...
The Competition Entry for Write A Story About A Picture - My Entry x
Kimi is a 16 year old girl who loves helping and caring for others and her life has been great until it all changes in her new College, I saw it all... :'(

This story is only great when you read it slowly ;) <3 xx

Hope you loved it as much as i loved making it

Version 1.0 - Chapter 1 & 2 & 3
- Fixed Grammar


4. Kimi & I - Choices & Dangerous Decisions, Sad Moments...

Chapter 4/ Kimi & I - Choices & Dangerous Decisions, Sad Moments...

Coughing out loudly was all i could hear, The fact that i was now almost left for death without medical help... But it was Kimi i cared about she was in more danger than me, Knowing i had let down my best friend well sister really has made me feel even more guilty. After five minutes passed i opened my left eye slowly my eye could barely open from the beating that Elisha delivered to me with no send-back, I grasped the cold gravel with my shaken right hand, My nails scooped into the gravel trying to get up, But it was no use i was in too much pain to move while Kimi was going to get humiliated and exposed by Elisha. It was too late for me to save her time was going slowly for me but Kimi's time was almost up, I managed to open my eyes fully with just the corner of my eye i could see Elisha slapping Kimi on the face with alot of force, Kimi was already exposed well kind of since Elisha did manage to expose her half naked but she wanted more than revenge.

Unconscious Kimi was just lying there like a fish out of the ocean that was trying to breathe it's last breath for eternally, Elisha was a fool to think this would prove anything, She was crazier thinking that this is the revenge she has always been blood thirsty for. While i was lying there on my side with gravel that looks melted into my skin but it's just where the skin was cushioned by the stones, A few stone crater's with red marks were left on my back and arm, Trying to get up was too difficult the pain of trying to move is un-explainable the rain was now forming a small flood going into the blocked up drains. The force of the rain has now pushed manage to knock down one of the wooden fences, The flood was carrying away the basket ball net slowly getting pushed near the blocked up drains, Kimi now looked almost dead she was still breathing but the storm was making it harder for her to stay alive, Elisha was also giving Kimi a tough time today the storm and the winds kicked in even more after around four minutes loud wind whistled into my bleeding ear while the thunder made shocking sounds in the dark sinister looking sky. While the flood was now up to my ankles i was finding it harder to get up with the fact that i am now drenched with water and my clothes are really heavy like an elephant refusing to move or get up.

As the clouds formed together in a strange sequence, Lightning was now seen from above me it made a really scary sound forcing my ears to bleed more while the thunder just shaken the sky and making loud noises, Elisha was still on top of Kimi pinning her down with so much force if i was Kimi i would be confused what's heavier the fact that loads of water has soaked into my clothes and made it mega heavy or the fact that Elisha is on top of me. The sky started going even darker with hail forming near-by the air went from cold to freezing like ice, frozen rain was now hitting us, Yes it was hail thundering down on the solid ground and smashing us like a hammer, Elisha put her hood up and grabbed Kimi by the neck and slapped her aggressively, My little heart was thumping my insides with so much force and strength i was wondering if i'm ever going to feel okay, The cold really got me making me sneeze and cough while i was shaking from the cold. Looking at Kimi's upper exposed body was horrible, Little mini ice crystals formed around her belly while ice was freezing on her arms, The ice was encrusted into her body, As her blood was now being frozen by the cold air...

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