Was it me?

Did you ever cry over somebody?


1. Hang on


"Please. Hang on, hang on just for a minute."

"Why? You've said what you wanted to say."

"Alex, please. It's just that..."

"You've moved on Scarlett, I know you have. You don't have to tell me all sorts of lies. You walked away four months ago."

I hung up. I really didn't need her to admit it. Admit that she didn't love me anymore, admit that she wanted another life. A life without me. We had broken up before, bu I knew this was the end.


People always said that college changed everybody, but I had never realised it was true. I had never thought that Scarlett was one of the girls who changed. She had always been so... confident in herself. But that had changed. She had met Amy. And she wanted to be approved by Amy. And one of those steps to be approved by Amy, was walking away from me. She had ignored my messages, ignored my calls even ignored me when I ran up to her in the corridors.


What had I done to deserve that? Was she embarrassed? Embarrassed because I didn't smoke weed or drink every weekend. Was she embarrassed because I was just a normal teenager. Nothing wild about me. Just a snob actually. A bit to rich for everyone's liking. I was just another Alexander in the rows of Alexander's. Rich snobbie Alexander's. Boring Alexander's.

But still I was a person. I had feelings. And she had stomped them down.

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