Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


13. Sex on display

Chapter 13. Sex on display    

     “Jerry," Diana screamed.

   Jerry came running “What’s wrong.” As usual, he was still in his underwear.

   Diana just pointed at Jerry her mouth open eventually saying, “O M G it is you.” He had told her that he had done this advert thing between shooting the film but nothing else about its content.

   “What is the matter with you? Stop pointing it’s rude.”

   “You of all people can say rude, oh dear, you don’t Know,” Dina started laughing, for all she could think of was that silly children’s song, “Don’t go down to the woods today for you're sure of getting a big surprise.

   Diana explained to Jerry what she had just seen on the TV. It was a special news bulletin concerning a controversial advert, in “New York’s Time Square.”

   That’s when she had called out his name, for the advert was of Jerry. He was on the moving billboard in his underwear.

   “Well, what was it like?" Jerry obviously knew he had posed for the advert but had not seen it after editing, so was interested and certainly did not expect all this publicity.

   She had to admit he had looked very sexy if not pornographic.

   She could not bring herself to tell him what the people on the program were saying in the discussion afterwards. They thought that it was improper to use blatant sex to sell something. In addition, that the model was prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark, and the general consensus of opinion was it should be taken off and banned.


    Jerry was at work the following morning it being a Saturday selling shoes in the department store.

   He was just returning from the stockroom with a pair of shoes when he overheard the girl he was serving discussing with her friend the underwear advert everyone was talking about and how she couldn’t wait for the News of the worlds promised exposé on the guy.


   The next morning when Jerry collected the Sunday papers from the local newsagent, he got a funny look from the boy serving him.

Back home while having breakfast he almost flipped when he saw the centrefold picture of himself in the papers.

   Thankfully the article didn’t actually name him. However, it did state that he attended the performing art school. And that he had just made a film which was about to be realised.


   It was the first day back at college after the weekend of the TV news broadcast. Jerry had just arrived at the college entrance when all of a sudden, a group of girls appeared all holding the centrefold picture of him from the Sunday papers wanting his autograph.

   They apparently had come from the school down the road and knew of him from older brothers and sisters attending the college.

   At first Jerry was happy to autograph the centrefold pictures of himself. However, everything turned nasty when someone produced a camera and suggested Jerry strip down to his underwear.

   “Strip, Strip, Strip.”  The girls all shouted, pulling at his clothes

   Thankfully, Eddy and some of his friends came to the rescue, before it was too late.  Even so Jerry still lost his shirt shoes and socks but luckily retained his trousers.


   Once again dressed this time in one of the costumes he had been rehearsing in for the end of year show Jerry entered the cafeteria to the sound of applause. Laughing he acknowledge it with a theatrical bow. Then after getting a coffee from the counter he joined Eddy and some of the boys in tights at their table.  He thanked them all for their timely rescue, and admitted to them that he had been really scared. No way would he have expected a group of girls to turn into a mob with the intention of stripping him of his clothes.

   His main worry was how to leave college without being seen. A couple of girls at the next table told him they could help him with that.


   Jerry hadn’t minded when the girls suggested he wore a paper stuffed bra to fill out the blouse they had given him, or being made up to look like a girl. His problem was whatever he wore down below either trousers or a skirt the outline of his cock had shown through the fabric.


   God Jerry felt uncomfortable walking all trussed up. However, the wig and sunglasses worked well for none of the girls waiting outside school recognise him. 

   Fuck he thought when he arrived home and discovered a group of girls hanging around outside the place. His fans had found out where he lived. 

   Thankfully as he was passing the main entrance to the house his friend Chandra was just going in.  


   Diana was standing at her easel painting away when all of a sudden, she became aware of a girl at the back of the garden. Apparently, she had pushed her way through an opening in the hedge from next door.

   It was only when the girl came nearer and removed the wig and sunglasses did Diana realised it was really Jerry.

   "Why the girl disguise?” Diana asked?

   “Well that’s a long story,” Jerry replied as he dashed passed her saying “Sorry I have to go to the bathroom first.”

   After a while Jerry having removed all traces of looking like a girl returned to the garden.

   “Well,” demanded Diana.


   What surprised Jerry was instead of being worried and sympathetic Diana, when he told her about almost being stripped naked, had burst out laughing. It was only when she had gone out the front door and up the stairs to the pavement and seen the girls hanging around did she understand the problem they both had.

    For the next few days Jerry and even Diana would use the hedge at the back of the garden and then the main house to escape the girls waiting outside their front door.

    The end of the year show was almost the last straw for Diana. She was getting fed up always either skulking around or being pushed aside by the crowds of silly girls. The theatre was packed; people were even standing at the back, when Jerry appeared the security on every isle had to hold back the screaming girls who were running forward trying to get at him it was almost a disaster.

   That evening Jerry told Diana he was going away on location for six weeks to make another movie. He thought that maybe being apart would be good for both of them and give them room to come to terms with Jerry’s notoriety.  








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