Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


10. Secrete Passion

Chapter 10 Secrete Passion

   Jerry loved the bright days of summer. It was always nice to go home when daylight lasted well into the evening. Diana was waiting for him when he came out of the staff entrance.

   They kissed and had a short cuddle before he picked up her overnight bag.

   Although the train stopped at the right station for the house, Jerry was not getting off. He started kissing and doing everything, he could to distract Diana’s attention while Chandra who had travelled with them in the same carriage left.

   Diana was pleasantly surprised. When, instead of going back to Jerry’s rented accommodation, she had a whole house to play around in.


   Jerry’s mother was away for the weekend and would not be back till late Monday night. She had even left a leek and onion quiche together with various salads in the fridge, so he could help himself to food when he came around to check on the place.

   Diana had to laugh at him for being so devious. She told him he was a naughty boy for taking advantage of the situation and having manipulated her from the start.

   Jerry decided that he needed a shower and, when Diana offered her assistance, he declined but suggested maybe later. Diana took the opportunity to look around the ground floor while he was upstairs. She discovered an office tucked away at the back of the garage. one wall had a picture of Jerry and his father dressed in old fashioned clothes, presumably on a film set as in the back ground was several people in jeans and sweat shirts, operating a great big movie camera.

   “Wow!” she exclaimed Looking closer at both their faces, she thought they looked so alike it was uncanny.

   It must be strange to see oneself as one might be when older. She thought. When she was about to leave she spotted this picture on the desk; it was of an oriental girl who was so beautiful. Thoughtfully she moved back to the kitchen wondering what the set up was regarding his parents and where the girl fitted in.

   Diana looked up when Jerry entered the room. She was preparing a fresh green salad; from the extra ingredients she had found in the fridge. Her first thought was how very freshly washed he looked. Then how rather young he looked with that baby face in that white bathrobe. That was until he smiled because that smile of his caused the sensation of pure lust to surge through her body.

   Jerry walked towards Diana and watched her put down the knife she had been slicing tomatoes. He knew what she wanted but he was going to make her wait, at least until he had eaten and rested a bit. He could see the disappointment on her face as he reached past her and collected the bottle of red wine he had opened earlier so it would get to room temperature and allowed to breathe.

   Disappointed, she finished off making the salad, while Jerry laid the table with plates, glasses and cutlery. At last, they sat down to eat, and talked about this and that. Diana brought up the subject of his father, and asked where he was and what he did for a living. Jerry was somewhat reticent concerning this subject and merely stated his father worked in the entertainment industry and that he was away.

   Changing the subject, he asking about her father mentioning that Peter her brother had said he was a plastic surgeon. She looked up and caught him eyeing her breasts.

   “Oh they’re all mine”, she said laughing for she could read his mind. She cupped her breasts with both hands and looked down at them. “All natural and no hint of daddy’s handy work”, she eventually blurted out.

   “Wow! I am please about that. One never can tell”. He continued, “There’s this girl who left collage in my first year. She had a long nose and protruding teeth, nothing really bad, but last year when I went on location with my father I met her again and almost didn’t recognise her. She must have had some work done and she looked fantastic.

   Diana did not comment but noted the on location bit.

After they had eaten, Diana put the food back in the fridge while Jerry washed up. They then sat down on the carpet and watch television it was an imported programme from America; a comedy "I Love Lucy". It was about this crazy woman always getting into trouble. It was so funny they rolled around on the carpet laughing so much it hurt.


   Jerry awoke early. He stretched and turned over from his back onto his side and became aware of Diana lying next to him. She was still asleep. It had been a hot night in more ways than just the weather. The single sheet no longer fully covered their naked bodies. He watched as she breathed in and out.  Carefully he moved the sheet down, exposing her stomach and belly button. Just the thought of the pleasure that lay further down under the sheet not yet exposed made him hard.


   Monday found them still in bed, they certainly knew each other very well by then. Diana stretched she reluctantly had to get up, nature called. Jerry was still asleep lying there by her side; she pushed his arm out of the way slipped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. On the way back she opened the curtains which allowed the sun to stream in.

   It was glorious outside, looking round at Jerry in the bed she thought “Oh my how angelic he looked” on impulse she rushed into the dressing room next door and came back with her camera and started taking pictures not pornographic ones but artistic ones, she wanted to paint him.

   The clicking of the shutter and whirl of the battery-powered winder woke Jerry. He started to laugh, he found it so funny watching Diana. Her breasts looked firm; he only wished she would move over a few feet, and then she did.

   “Oh yes” he thought, “she really had a great arse, especially with the sun coming through the window highlighted it, and the reflection in the mirror was very crisp. The funny thing she must have been so intent in her taking pictures that she had obviously forgotten she was totally naked.”

   Swinging around to gain more light to look at the camera dial to see how much film she had left. Diana saw her reflection in the mirror and exclaimed, “Oh My God,” and joined in with Jerry’s laughter.


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