Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


11. Change

Chapter 11 Change

   Shirley had received several complaints concerning Jerry; at the beginning she had made allowances, for it was his first time away from home and freedom from its restraints. OK, she expected he would have a lot of friends, but there was a limit to the numbers one wanted hanging around outside. He was also causing some embarrassment. He walked around half-naked to and from the bathroom. The last straw was the boy on the steps. A couple of the residents were upset thinking he was a vagrant.

   Before she could do anything about it, Miss Flynn in the basement died. She had been the sitting tenant who had come with the property; Shirley’s father had negotiated a good purchase price that compensated him for the very low rent the old lady paid. When Shirley had phoned him, he had been sorry that Miss Flynn had died, especial on the premises. He told her to put all the old lady’s possessions into storage while he traced if she had any living relatives.

   Then she should arrange for the place to be cleaned and let out as unfurnished. After the call a thought crossed Shirley’s mind, maybe the flat being self-contained with its own side entrance would be more suitable for Jerry. It would solve her problem and as she knew he was not short of a bob or two, unlike the other tenants in the house his rent was paid by company cheque and no fuss.


   Ann, Jerry’s mother, was please he wanted to put down roots which had been her plan all along. So when she heard about the possible change of accommodation she decided that she wanted to see it this time, as it was a lot of money. The accountant had been a bit dubious the first time about hiding the rental, but no way for furnishing etc, this would mean she would have to spending hard cash for those items. Jerry would have to wait for her to decide.

   When Ann, eventually saw the basement flat she liked it. There was no sign of damp. The floor of the kitchen although stone would do as it was not cracked. The bath and toilet were in good condition. The two bedrooms had built-in wardrobes the only thing she didn’t approve of was that the gas and electricity were on coin operated meters and so a very high tariff, but obviously she could not change that. It did however have its own private telephone line and that was a plus. Ann decided that the company would rent the flat, once Shirley had agreed to have the chimney swept, and all the floors as the floorboards were a good tight fit, sanded, polished and sealed. Everything was to be cleaned and freshly painted. Also Shirley agreed to replace the cooker which had seen better days. Ann would arrange for furnishings once the flat was ready...

   Shirley made certain the work was completed quickly as she had someone already waiting to move into Jerry’s rooms as soon as he vacated them.

   Jerry mother ordered everything for the basement flat from window blinds to two single beds which could be fitted together if Jerry wanted a big double. That he would have to decide himself and purchase the appropriate size of bedding.

   Jerry was so keen, he moved in as soon as the beds were delivered and had to thank his mother foresight, he wanted a double bed, no way would it have got through the tight angle into the flat. The rest of the other things his mother ordered came during the course of the next few days. When the radio arrived, the reception was terrible he was forced to walk around the rooms to find the best place for it, which just luckily happened to be the bedroom he had had the men put the beds in.

   There was a phone point, which he found still active when he attached the handset; Shirley had given him together with its number. She had removed it for safekeeping, not wishing for the workmen to use or abuse it while getting the place ready.

   Jerry rang his mother and was pleasantly surprised to find his father CJ answering the phone, they had a general chat getting up to speed. Then his father asked him if would mind returning home that evening for he wanted to speak to him about something which was best discussed face to face.


   “Hi mum,” Jerry shouted as he let himself in.

   Ann was on the phone. “Hold on “she said into the receiver. “Hello Jerry dear your father in his den” she then went back to her conversation on the phone.

   Jerry felt no bad vibes coming from his mother, so when he knocked on his father’s door he was still apprehensive but not too worried. The loud voice telling him to come in did not sound annoyed. In fact as he entered his father was coming forward smiling, to greet him. The tension Jerry felt evaporated, they hugged and Jerry felt like a little boy once again safe, protected by those strong arms. Even when they broke apart Jerry felt the same. They sat and Jerry listened to his father talk about his recent exploits. Jerry always enjoyed his father’s stories they were sometimes unbelievable but mostly true.

   Eventually CJ got to the point of the visit. It appeared that he had backing to make his first film. He would direct and play the lead role.

   CJ had a storyboard it explained everything, the film was to start with a car crash stunt. The driver who would be CJ would survive the passenger his girlfriend would not.

   CJ ends up in hospital in a wheel chair. He’s told his dancing day are over. The doctors say he will be lucky to walk again. The film would be CJ fight to get back to his first love dancing, all through the film there’s flash back’s to when he was at college, that would be Jerry just as he was now.

   CJ watched Jerry he had gambled a lot on his son being able to deliver; he had sold it to the film backers. The clinching deal was showing them last year’s walk on cameo part and how they had looked alike.

   He decided to spell it out to Jerry. He explained that he already had a contract with the college to film all the classes he needed and had arranged to shoot using his own dancers during the evenings and all day through the weekends. This part of the film had to be in the can in three weeks with no overrun, even if it meant working all-nighters. Of course there was always an understudy to help with the load.

   “Wow” was all Jerry could say. He just sat there stunned.

   “Oh by the way, when did you start wearing lady’s underwear?” CJ asked holding up a pair of Diana’s Knickers.  

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