Jerry's story

prostituting his body although not quit porn the innuendos were very near the mark,


4. Chandra

Chapter 4 Chandra

   Chandra came from a small village in India he was the eldest of six brothers, and had been considered lucky when an uncle had sponsored him, so he could come and work in the U.K. When he first arrived in the country he had found it too expensive to live alone even in the small attic room he now occupied in the house. So he had found Jay, who worked nights, to share and pay half the rent.

 This morning when Jay came in to their small room he discovered Chandra was still in bed asleep.

   No way could he let this happen. Normally Chandra would be already dressed and ready to leave. “Wake up, wake up,” he shouted while clapping his hands.

   Chandra opened his eyes and seeing Jay stand there realised he was late. He swore in his native language, then bolted out of the room to the toilet and shared bathroom on the floor below. When he returned he found Jay had already stripped and was lying in the now vacant bed. While he dressed, Jay told him the news he had learnt from Andy, who he had met on the landing coming upstairs. Someone in the rooms down below had almost died due to a gas leak. Chandra was more worried about being late and only half listened to what Jay was saying. He didn't have time to even eat, he said good bye to Jay and, rushed down the stairs, stopping briefly at Jerry's door, and knocked as promised. Maybe it was not a good idea he didn’t have the time for this. It was his own fault Jerry had been looking for somewhere to stay. So he had told him about the house and the rooms that had just become vacant.

   There was no answer so he knocked harder this time. Ian from across the landing came to see why the banging.

   “Hi Chandra, so you know the new boy then?”

   “You mean Jerry, yes he works weekends, in the shop where I work full time, have you met him yet?”

   “Oh, you don't know then. “


   “Well I'm sorry to tell you he almost got gassed last night. “

   “On no, I didn't realise it was Jerry, Jay did mention something.”

   Ian then told him what happened earlier and that Jerry was sleeping off the affects in Shirley's apartment.

   Chandra looked at his watch and realised he would be late if he did not go to work right then. So he rushed off, not having the time to see if Jerry was all right. He would check on him later by phone.  Unfortunately, the shop’s policy was very draconian, for every fifteen minutes late you got deducted one-hour’s pay, which he could ill afford to lose.



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