The Adventures of Ivan and Simon

About two Smurf brothers robbed by a gang of terrible trolls. Set out for an epic adventure to retrieve their Unicorn, food and christmas feast.


8. Why Simon died

The cause of Simons death was so. . .sudden. the reason he died was a result of him picking his nose. What i didn't write about was that when Simon jumped back onto his magical carpet, he already had his finger positioned at the base of his nose, ready to pick, as he jumped on board the carpet, he landed on his knees, with such force that it sent shock waves travelling through his body and forced Simon to SHOVE his finger into his nostril, so far up, that he stabbed his brain in the process, causing him to bleed on the inside of his brain, resulting in his sudden death. . .




Tell me if that made sense, it kinda wasnt supposed to though.. . .not make much sense i mean.

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