The Adventures of Ivan and Simon

About two Smurf brothers robbed by a gang of terrible trolls. Set out for an epic adventure to retrieve their Unicorn, food and christmas feast.


5. The Trolls

Simon poked his head around the corner inside the cave, but Ivan pulled him back. “No Simon! Don’t do it your better than this! Simon! NO! You’re too young to die!”

“Oh shut up faggot you are such a softy, seriously harden up.” Simon rolled his eyes and turned the corner.

This is where he found the three most hideous ugly trolls with green-brown patched skin. Simon went back to Ivan before the trolls spotted him. “Ivan! It’s the trolls, they have our Christmas feast and there prancing around it with skirts on singing ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’ Ivan look it’s the feast” as Simon ranted on about how happy he was that he found the feast the trolls had heard his obnoxiously loud voice and walked over to were the two vulnerable Smurfs were. Simon didn’t even see the trolls standing there.

“Uhm Simon,” Ivan tapped Simon on the shoulder, “we have a problem.”

“Can you keep your stupid mouth shut for five minutes?” Simon turns around and faces the trolls; the smile on his face vanished faster than the time Ivan’s pet alligator ate him.

The trolls started circling the two Smurfs, eying them up and down trying to figure out what they bought. “Please stop staring at me! I feel like your undressing me with your eyes!” Simon screamed at them. The trolls took a step back, And jumped up and down.

“We are terrible trolls! We. . .”

“Yes, yes. I got that, you wrote it in the letter stupid” snapped Simon

“This one is a stupid one” one of the trolls pointed to Simon, “this one. This one is a pussy” And it pointed to Ivan with a seedy grin on its face, it started walking over to Ivan, when Simon fly kicked it in the face and poked it in the eye with a stick.

“Arrghh! You little blue bastard!” the troll held both hands on his eye

The other troll, one that looked to be elderly held both hands to his mouth and whispered “Look what you’ve done” he pointed to the pile of food, and the unicorn in the cave “take it, you faggots!” he screamed

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