The Adventures of Ivan and Simon

About two Smurf brothers robbed by a gang of terrible trolls. Set out for an epic adventure to retrieve their Unicorn, food and christmas feast.


2. The Purchase

The brothers made their way through the forest and into Smurf town; Ivan made his way over to the café and ordered a stack of pancakes, 3 pieces of cinnamon toast, 2 poached eggs with a side of broccoli and bacon. After eating, Simon decided that they would make their way to the black market.

“Yo, what is up, gangsta, we is be here to purchase a large woolly mammoth” Simon said

“Yo homie, we is be out of stock on the large woolly mammoth, but we is do have the small and the medium bro” replied the black market chief, another Smurf, with a stylish grin and skin as yellow as the grass in the village of Smurfs.

Ivan whispered into Simon’s ear “Why are you talking like that dearest brother?”

Simon smacked Ivan over the head and replied “Because if you don’t speak their language, then they won’t sell anything to you. I can’t believe you did not know that, what are you? Stupid or something?”

The chief was tapping his foot, waiting for Simon buy something.

“Has you got any Vampires in stock Yo homie bro?” asked Simon

“Yeah Yo! We has got one freshly caught yesterday brother from the hood” replied the chief cheerfully

“Ok then Yo, we is be gonna buy one large matured male vampire” ordered Simon


They exited the black market happy with their purchase. They started their journey to get their unicorn Petalilly, their food and their Christmas feast back.

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