The Adventures of Ivan and Simon

About two Smurf brothers robbed by a gang of terrible trolls. Set out for an epic adventure to retrieve their Unicorn, food and christmas feast.


1. The Loss

It was a beautiful, wonderfully happy spring morning in Smurf town. But maybe not so much for two peculiar little Smurfs . . .

“Ivan!” yelled Simon

“Yes, my dearest, loving brother who loves me with all his Smurf-tastic heart?” replied Ivan

“You’ve eaten all the food again you lazy oaf” complained Simon

“No. Not this time. Who do you think could have possibly done it brother?” asked Ivan puzzled

Simon walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. He stopped and stared at Ivan trying to figure out if he was lying.

Simon frowned “Maybe we could ask Petalilly?” he questioned

The two brothers walked together outside to ask their pet unicorn if she had eaten the food, but when they got to the back door, Petalilly was nowhere in sight.

“Petalilly! Come come, Petalilly!” shouted Ivan

“Shut-up you big mouth . . .” Simon was cut off when he noticed a piece of paper attached to a tree, he walked over and read it out loud

To the owner of the purple unicorn, we have stolen your Christmas feast and your food and your unicorn. We are terrible trolls and we have mystical power and can summon the dead, and we will eat your food, and we will do really bad things to Smurf town. If you want your feast back and your unicorn, meet us in the forest of Gargatrob, and if you want to see your feast unharmed and your unicorn un-eaten, bring with you a poster of Justin Bieber, a leg of ham and a farmers hat. . .”

Simon looked up from the paper and looked at Ivan.

“Petalilly, she’s with those horrible trolls, what if she gets scared and eats the food! We have to find her!” ordered Ivan

“That was the plan” replied Simon

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