The Adventures of Ivan and Simon

About two Smurf brothers robbed by a gang of terrible trolls. Set out for an epic adventure to retrieve their Unicorn, food and christmas feast.


6. Family Secrets

The brothers walked inside the cave, cautiously walking past the two trolls outside, and broke into a run, Simon running towards Petalilly, and Ivan running towards the food. “Where’s the Christmas feast?” asked Ivan looking puzzled

“We ate it!” said a voice, it walked out of the shadows of the cave and into the light, it was a third troll, “and it tasted like shit”

“You monster!” Ivan yelled and ran at full speed towards the troll; Ivan knocked the troll over and started to punch its face.

“No Ivan! No! You can’t! That’s your grandpapa” Simon yelled

Ivan looked up, his fist raised “But it ate our food!”

“Yes Ivan, that hideous creature is your grandpapa” replied Simon

“It ate our Christmas feast,  and stole our food!” Ivan was shouting now, “Wait, what? My Grandpapa”

“Yes Ivan, your grandpapa. You’re adopted and you have no friends and your pregnant” Said Simon, trying to choose his words carefully.

“Then you’re adopted to?” asked Ivan

“No, you’re the only one that had no friends and is pregnant. Your adopted Ivan, you’re not my brother, I disown you, anyone that thinks they can treat their family like that is no family of mine” Simon pointed to Ivan, who was lowering his fist

“I want to stay here” said Ivan dryly

“I was going to leave you here anyway, but I’m taking the food, Petalilly and Kevin” Simon walked away so that Ivan couldn’t protest


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