Jet lag love

This story is about Nicole Sherman who is has been bestfriends with Harry Styles from One Direction. Harry returns home for two weeks, to hang out with his family and friends.


2. At the airport

It’s finally Tuesday, and Harry is coming back from the US. I literally woke up at 5:30, and I just had a massive smile on my face. I was picking him up at the airport with Robin (he’s stepdad) and Anne (he’s mum). I was so excited. We drove up to the airport at 11AM, and they were landing at 2PM, so that was quite a long trip, but I couldn’t wait to tell Harry about what had happened while he wasn’t home. I was also exited to hear what he had done and seen in America, I only knew that him and Caroline had broke up before he left, but I didn’t knew much beside that. It was quite a hard time for Harry after him and Caroline had broken up, but I remember him calling me and telling me about it. I was only sad, because Hazza was sad. I did like Caroline, even though she was almost the same age as me mum. She is very kind and fun.

So anyways, we got to the airport and we waited about 45 minutes for them to come. The airplane was a private one, and the whole 1D crew was on it. First Paul stepped out of the plane and then the boys. Harry ran towards us. He had black trousers and a white t-shirt on. He gave us all a hug and a kiss on the cheek. We also said Hi to the others. Their families were also there to pick them up, but Niall’s wasn’t gonna stay here in London; he was going back to Mullingar to visit his family. Louis had some cool Pj trousers on. We sat in the car. Robin and Anne on the front seats and Harry and I sat on the back seats. He had loads baggage with him. I was telling him about what had happened, but he immediately fell asleep on the way home. “Too much jet lag” Robin said while laughing.

When we got back to Cheshire was Harry still asleep and so was Anne, though Robin and I were wide awake. I woke up Harry. He didn’t want to get up, so I tickled him, and then he woke up.  When we got to our neighborhood and we got close to the house, could we see loads of girls were standing on the pavement, and some of them right in front of the house door. I suddenly got a bit creepy, but Harry was used to it. Anne and Robin didn’t like when girls were standing in front of their house. I really had no respect for those girls. Robin stepped out of the car and told the girls that Harry weren’t going to sign anything, because he was really tired, and they had to respect that. Harry stepped out of the car waved at the girls, and I was walking behind him while Anne and Robin were walking in front of the both of us. Everyone was taking pictures of us, it was crazy. There were literally about 50 girls. When we finally made our way through those screaming girls, went Harry up to his bedroom, and slept for hours. Gemma and her boyfriend came around dinner and so did my family. We had a lovely barbeque. Everyone was happy. After dinner Harry and I sat around the fire. He told me about all those beautiful places we had been to, and all those famous people he had met, and showed me loads pictures he had taken. At 1 AM I told Harry that I had to go. He grabbed my arm and said “lunch tomorrow, okay?” I smiled at him and said “course Harold”.

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