Blood Line


1. The Dream

   My eyes flew open, looking around.

Searching. Searching for IT.



What is IT?

What am I looking for?

I sat up in my bed and looked out the window, scratching my head. Just a dream? It had been a dream, but it wasn't just any dream, it was THAT dream. I had this dream every once and a while. I should be able to remember it but I'm never able to. I always woke up looking for something, looking for IT. I don't know what IT is that I am searching for, I just know that its important and that I must find it. Whatever. Its not important. I thought to myself, getting out of bed. I stood by the window and blinked a few times before noticing the pressure around my index finger. I struggled for a minute, attempting to free my finger, failing, and looking down to see what the irritating thing was.

A red string was tied around my finger making a lopsided bow. A reminder. I thought. I have to do something today...

Ah! That's right! I was starting school today as a highschooler, a second year. Maybe it will be interesting. I hoped.

---At that time I didn't know how interesting It would be---

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