Blood Line


3. Nerve Racking Encounter

    Running to school at my fastest speed, I arrived in five minuets--just as I had predicted. Being late on the first day as a transfer student wasn't going to put me on the teachers good list. I would be yelled at--one of this way one of my fears--

   I walked swiftly toward the office, breathing hard. Before entering I took a deep breath--the type of breath that seemed reach your feet--then opened the door. I expected a peaceful office, with adults working diligently, only to find a desk flying past my face--missing my nose by just a few inches.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" someone roared, stepping into view.

   He had short blond hair that was slightly gelled up, and it was blowing back from his face, exposing his enraged expression, as he stalked across the room. Although his voice and face were enraged, his voice had a tone of control and calm in it.

   When he reached the opposite side of the room he picked something up off the floor. It was a student. He was very pale and looked like he would pass out any second. He was shorter and smaller that the opposing guy, but that didn't give him any reason for cowering from him.

Like a rabbit from a wolf

The relation seemed more and more appropriate the more I thought about it. He was a predator--wild and hungry-- He had found his prey and was ready to pounce.


"You know why they make us take tests, don't you?" The wolf boy asked tensely.



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