Blood Line


2. I'm Late!

   My eyes darted to the clock on my wall. It read 7:30. I was going to be late! Although the school was only half a mile away--a five minute jog trip from my house--I still had to make my lunch and pack my bag. I didn't waste a second, quickly stuffing everything into my bag while grabbing a random onigiri from the fridge.

   I was making my way towards the door when I heard someone walk into the kitchen.

"You have school today.....?" Someone said sleepily, and I turned to see my older brother moving his hair away from his eyes.

"Yeah. I'm going right now." I replied, continuing towards the door.

"You're going in that?" He said with a smirk. I looked down, wondering what would cause him to show such an emotion.

I was wearing my pink footie pajamas with white bunnies on the arms. They were always kept at the very back of my closet. In the chest where all of my toys and grade school notebooks lived-under lock and key. I secretly dug them out every night and put them on with the door locked. I had always known there would be a day when someone would see them-or worse-they would see me wearing them. My face flushed and he burst with laughter, causing his hair to fall back over his eyes. After a few minutes of this he calmed and his grin turned into a subtle smile. He fixed his hair again and leaned against the island.

"Nice brother." He began.

"I got that for your birthday four years ago as a joke. You thanked me sarcastically...." He began to shake.

"But I never thought you'd wear it!" Then he erupted with laughter again.

I attempted to block out my brother-Asch's cackles-as I ran upstairs and changed into my uniform.

   I noted the tight feeling of the cloth on my skin. The uniform was from my old school so i wasn't surprised. The school I was transferring to was Sanjo high school. It was the middle of the first semester-not a common time to transfer-but I had my reasons. I was stuck wearing my uniform from my last school until they ordered a new one from the district.

I flew down the stairs and sprinted through the door, passing Asch, who was still laughing in the kitchen. When I stepped passed the threshold I immediately felt a warm breeze blow on my face

Today will be a good day. I decided, stopping for a moment, feeling the wind play with my hair, blowing it about my face.

Then took off down the street.


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