Dragon Sword

A blind swordswoman in China seeks revenge on the cunning and deadly Manchu general who killed her parents.


4. wanted


She has no name at first in this book but she will be named by the scattered wanted posters, her name appearing below a badly sketched image in black ink, a young ethereal and attractive Chinese face, a woman in her twenties with no scars to speak of since the one above her eyes faded to a thin white line long since, a police sketch that she doesn't see and wouldn't recognize for she has been blind since she was a little girl, blind ever since that night she wandered bleeding from her brows in a howling snowstorm into the mountains and stretched out in the snow under a great ragged old pine tree, wanted to die, to stop breathing, for her heart to stop beating and sending pulses of blood to her fingertips and toes, so she might be with her mother again and her father, she actually tried to stop the breath in her body, it hurt, her eyes were throbbing inside, she has been cut in the forehead, the sword flicked at her and she bled a lot, she stopped seeing anything but white, then utter black, senseless black, forget all the images, your life is done, she's just a child but this she knows, this she sees and understands, knowing isn't seeing, how do you go on living after that, she saw her father die and her mother lifted from the sedan chair in her streaming silks, put astride a horse, and she screamed and ran after the bearded man taking her mother, and he turned and rode down on her, the iron shod hooves clanging, in a cloud of dust and fury, she saw the sunlight turn red, she fell under the horse but she stood up facing him again screaming soundlessly and that was when the sword flicked at her face and everything dissolved, she went blind, she thought she had died, and she woke much later, it was night, her joints stiffened by frost, and she crawled around gasping in circles until she found her father, frenzied dogs were eating him, he was already scattered in the dust and refuse, she went mad then and soaked in her blood and her father's she walked straight out of the city up into the mountains across rocks and sand then through crackling dry grass and into pine-scented darkness under the trees and chilling cold feeling the snow swirl down on her lips and hair and eyelids. Walking on and on in the waste until she collapsed into snow and lay there moaning.



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