the traitor

A soldier named Tom goes home for awhile and cant resist telling his family a teeny weeny secret about how Britain (his side) is going to defeat Germany (the enemy)He goes back to Britain but meanwhile his family get very exited with the secret and sell it to the press .Word gets around very quickly and soon reaches the enemy the army is furious and Tom has to run away to save himself . He goes through a series of weird and ...well weird adventures . This his dairy


1. The Secret

I can't believe I trusted them.  My own family gave away the biggest secret that I ever told them.


Home was always such a pleasant sight.  I remember leaping out of the cart and bounding over to  my family.  My mother greeted me with a loving embrace.  "Tom you've been away so long" she said.  After three years fighting on foreign soil I was finally home.  


They sat me down in the living room, and asked me for news of the war. I told them them what I could tell them, which wasn't much.  Every soldier understands that the secrets of war are very valuable, and there was no way I was telling anyone, not even my family, but so I thought... the next night  I fell into their trap  I told them how Britain (my side) were going to defeat Germany (the enemy side) I told them that we were going to surround  them and attack from all sides.In a few days I was back  in the army camp and as usual I was first to buy the newspaper.I sat down and had a look  and got the shock of my life.On the front page was exactly how England were going to surround  Germany,and to make matters worse this particular paper was very popular in Germany .And at the bottom of the page was my mothers name I couldn't believe it.Later that day there was a meeting it was against me .That night I   was forced to sleep outside all because of my stupid family,but a plan was brewing in my mind and the next morning I was ready to carry it out...

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