The Will To Carry on

a poem on depression and the amount of will power needed to get past that phase of life


1. The will to carry on


Open eyes only to shut again,

And live out a dream.

Some of the visions are lovely,

Some of them make you scream.


A Mirage I hold in my mind,

A vision of just what may be

Praying to the Lord up above

That it does not come to be


Seeing myself huddled and crying

I see rouge pool near me

Please take this vision far afield

Before I my life starts bleeding


Come to me now goodness which

I know in my life is still there

But just how long should I suffer

Or will the pain forever be there?


With these unanswered questions

Onward I must tread

Would it be easier to give up

And lay down into the tomb?


Yes it would make some things better

Yes I would worry no more

But I know just as there was a reason to the happiness

This agony, pain and misery too has a cause…


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