As he watches his girlfriend undress, he suddenly feels the symptoms, and he knows he cannot escape ... He will never be able to escape the Abstinences ...


1. And so it begins ...

”… And once again another body have been found, yet again in another city. We don’t know what is going on. The killings look the same, but they are spread all over the country …” “Turn it off, Kyle. Please!” said a voice belonging to a woman in a slim black dress with wild brown curls and a beautiful face, which by the moment was bathed in horror. “Yes, my dearest.” Sounded a male voice. Kyle looked gently at his girlfriend, Gina. They had only been dating for a month, yet it was as if they had been together forever. Gina came closer and snuggled into his arms. “If that murderer came by, would you protect me then?” she purred. “I’ll always protect you.” He whispered and she shuttered in his arms. “Oh Kyle, what would I ever do without you?” He smiled and kissed her forehead. “Well, I know what you should do with me right now.”   She chuckled and stepped away while slowly removing her jacket which she wore over the black dress. “Oh I think I know what you mean.” She said with a laugh. He watched as she took of her cloth, step by step. His eyes swallowed every part of her petite figure. Still, while all this was happening,  a small part of him were still thinking of that. It had been an entire month now and he had not sensed any of the symptoms yet.  The abstinences. They had been there in his previous relationships, and of course that meant the death of all his relationships.  But this time he would surely make it. With Gina everything seemed alright. He could stop thinking about it for a while, and just enjoy the moment.  


Or that was what he thought. 



As he watched Gina, naked and beautiful, his hands began to shake and he could feel it. The urge. He stroke his hands against Gina’s stomach, against her cheeks, against her lips … He would not give in. Not this time. Yet it would be so tempting. It would add up to the pleasure he already felt. “Kyle …” she moaned beneath him. He himself was already undressed and he had pushed Gina down on the bed. “I want you. I want you now.” She whispered and her eyes were sparkling in the faint light. “Hush, my love, “he whispered softly, “you will have it your way in a moment.” And so she did.


He could see it. Somehow he always carried it around even though he had promised never to use it again. But it was right there.   Gina moaned with pleasure beneath him, and he himself could also feel the deep pleasure of becoming one with his love, but he needed more. He needed it desperately. He had thought that Gina was the one. In fact, he had been sure of it. She should have been the one that had made him stop. She should have been able to keep him from it. But she had failed. She had failed and he knew that as soon as his fumbling fingers had found what they had been unknowingly looking for.

Now, only moments after, he looked at Gina. She was lying on the bed, completely still, with her eyes closed. She looked as if she was in a daze or sleeping. Except …. Except for the little sharp knife made out of silver, which only moments ago had been stabbed through her heart. A thin bloodstream had run down from right under her left breast were the knife had cut through. It made a small pool of blood on the white sheet. The abstinences were gone now. They had disappeared in the moment he had stabbed her. His urge to kill had been satisfied thus leaving him with a feeling of victory. Of course he knew that I was forbidden to kill another human being, but was it not this fact that made it so tempting? Humans had been killers for many centuries before some idiot had decided that it was wrong. Moral and ethics were both children born of the weak. Now humans had evolved into these weak creatures. Their killer instinct had been locked up inside them, and now, if they were to face the option of killing or being killed, they would freeze as if they were a deer looking into the front light of a car.   Kyle refused to be like that. He enjoyed killing and he alone knew the world of the killer. That is why he was not horrified when he looked at his dead girlfriend nor had he been horrified when he had looked at his previous girlfriends, all dead and gone now too. He simply couldn’t resist.  The TV was still on. He remembered the reporter talking about the killings with the same horrified face as his girlfriend had had. He smiled. They both didn’t understand why he had done it. Even though the police did what they could in order to find him, he knew that they would never find him.  And then he did what he always did. He ran. 



After all, he was single again, and if he didn’t hurry, the symptoms would surely come again. As he looked out in the darkness he thought to himself that this time for sure he would find the one. The one, who could stop him.

Yet another girl fell victim to this cruel serial killer, and the next is waiting …

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