Garfield and Friends

Garfield everyone's lovable fat pussy cat enjoys his easy life but that's before Jon nephew comes and brings his evil goldfish.Garfield and the fish are in for a lot of trouble.Please read it.


1. Garfield Meets Goldfish

Garfield rubbed his tummy and walked downstairs to eat.He could smell the breathtaking Lasagna.Garfield ran to the dinning table and awaited for his lunch.While his Master Jon ArBuckle cleaned the house he saw Garfield awaiting for his meal

"Garfield one of my relatives are coming"Jon ArBuckle exclaimed.

"No not Drusille and Minerva"Garfield moaned it could not be Jon nieces.

"No not them its my nephew Beanie he's coming from far away to stay with us for a few months with his goldfish"Jon Arbuckle replied.Garfield signed He loved to eat fishes yum yum.

"Come on we need to pick him up in the airport,come on Odie "Jon screamed.Odie ran and stared licking Garfield face.Garfield got up and pushed Odie off him and followed Jon to the airport.

The drive took half a hour.Jon smoothed his shirt and ran to the airport.Garfield looked at the upcoming passengers where was the Goldfish.A orange haired boy with brown eyes ran to Jon holding his goldfish.

"You must be Beanie I'm Jon your uncle look at the sweet goldfish"Jon exclaimed putting his finger in the fish bowl while the fish bit his finger.Jon took his finger and blew on it.

"Hi this is my fish Admiral Bubbles he's evil"Beanie whispered.

"Sure he is"Jon replied.Garfield looked at the fish and knew that he was evil.

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