Unnatural vampire

A story about a vampire that may differ from all the others but then look like them anyway. Oh well, read it if you want to :)


3. Vampires feelings


I ran in human tempo towards the scene. If it was still alive; my heart would have been pounding loud and fast. She had been so busy smiling at me that she forgot to stop. Man these humans were slow compared to my kind.

Finally I reached the scene where the driver had gotten out the car and was now trying to wake her up.

“Excuse me Mr., let me take care of her, I know her,” I said politely and shoved the driver aside.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to… Suddenly she was there and I tried to stop!” he said frightened and sad.

Then the familiar smell hit me. The smell of blood. I had to fight the lust for my fangs to retract as I lifted her up into my arms; really happy that I had just hunted a deer to drink its blood. She tried to open her eyes, but I hugged her tighter and whispered for her to stop. The blood coming out of her scull began running down through her hair and unto the ground.

“I’m a doctor, I’ll fix her,” I said and began walking towards a taxi.

I told him to drive us towards my address and paid him extra to not ask questions. She was beginning to wake up – strong girl.

Slowly I lifted her face towards mine and began licking the wound on her forehead. She gasped a bit but then she went quiet. Again my fangs retracted and I could not stop them. The wound faded slowly and I pulled away; looking out the window; trying to forget the taste of her blood. The cap driver had to hurry if I was to save her broken elbow. But we were out of the city now and I could run the rest of the way.

I asked the cab driver to stop and paid him double.

Are you mad? Bringing that… Thing… to our nest?! Anary snarled.

I shot her out and began running. It was more difficult now that she had grown bigger. As I ran; I could not help but notice her beautiful curves. She was even more beautiful than Anary since she was too thin and too pale. But this fragile girl was warm and had – like I said before – curves. She had a nice chest size and a pretty butt. And not to forget: her pretty face with the round nose and the apple-cheeks.

You lying little… boy! Ha, to think I have ever been in a relationship with you? Even after you met that… THING! And you call it beautiful? There is nothing pretty nor beautiful about that fragile little human! Snarled Anary again.

I snorted and ran even faster. Was she jealous? I almost could not help myself from laughing. This seemed to wake up the pretty thing in my arms and she looked up at me with the emerald green eyes. So breath-taking. I smiled at her and then looked ahead. We were at my house and I had to fix her arm immediately.

I laid her on to the couch not noticing all the others in the room staring at me. She looked at me with polite eyes; almost telling me that she trusted me. She breathed steadily, but when I bent down to whisper in her ear; her breath caught up and I could feel the heat of it on my neck. I had no clue what it did to me, but I felt like gasping for air though that was not needed. I swallowed a lump in my throat before I spoke: “I’m sorry, this might hurt”.

Her eyes widened as my fingers moved towards her elbow and she began shaking. I took it up gently, but not gently enough. She led out a little scream and now her eyes were full of fear. The others just stared at her – disbelieving. Then I grabbed it harder and pushed the elbow back in place with a loud ‘crack’. She screamed loudly and painfully. The sound tore my ears and disturbed my brain. As fast as possible I bit two holes in my wrist (the same spot as last time I had saved her) and let it down to her mouth. She shook her head in fear and crumbled in the couch; tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Drink it,” I ordered and pressed my wrist towards her lips, but she would not drink.

I could not think of a better way and sucked my mouth full of my own blood. My teeth retracted and most of all I wanted to drink it myself, but I had to save her from the pain. I bent down towards her and kissed her on the lips – this she had not expected. Carefully I forced her lips open and let the blood flow into her mouth. I kept my mouth on hers; forcing her to drink it or get choked. As my kiss softened; she began swallowing it. When I was sure she had swallowed all of it I let go of her lips and sat up beside her. She stared at me, then down her arm, then up at me, then at her arm again and then she looked up at me and stared in amazement.

“WOAH!” she said and smiled widely; “vampire boy! Now I remember!”

I made a weird face trying to hide my blushing and rose to my feet. She remembered me! Then I realized what the others were thinking about this: how could he KISS her without even try to drink her blood?... Maybe he wants to change her over?... Is he mad?... Wasn’t this the girl he spoke about 11 years ago?... and so on.

I told them to shut up and went outside. I needed fresh air and get away from the sound of her blood flowing through her veins.

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