Unnatural vampire

A story about a vampire that may differ from all the others but then look like them anyway. Oh well, read it if you want to :)


1. The beginning


It was a cold and dark night. The wind was blowing up the crystal white snow, glinting in the weak light of the full moon.

Suddenly I heard a faint scream coming far away from my right side. I smelled the sweet and thick scent of delicious blood. Human blood.

It was centuries ago since the last time I smelled human blood. It was like a drug to me; begging for me to taste it. My body moved almost by itself as my fangs retracted and my mouth was full of water.

Trees and snow flushed by me as I ran towards the smell. Within seconds I was at my target: a little girl. I did not look at her – my eyes were fixed on a big hairy werewolf. My fangs retracted and my eyes full of anger. How did I let myself get this far? I was about to do what the werewolf had started. In the corner of my eye; I saw the girls’ frightened expression though her eyes were not full of tears, but full of relief. She was trying to speak but no sound came out. From her lips I could read two words: help me. Her arm was torn open in an ugly blood splattering gash. I had to work fast if I was to save her.

“She tastes delicious, you know. She’s a special blood-type – you should be able to smell her. We both have to survive somehow, right?” smirked the wolf with a deep rumbling voice.

He was right that I could smell how appetizing her blood was, not many people had such sweet blood. I guessed her blood-type to be rhesus negative – had it been another really rare blood-type it would have smelled a little sour to me.

“We both know there are other ways to live Mr., even though we both are monsters, we can feed without killing people,” I whispered with gritted teethes.

Then a strange noise – almost like a laugh – came from the wolf.

“Monsters you say? Just because we eat humans doesn’t make us monsters. It is our way of living – survival of the fittest as these weaklings say. Why not use the powers given to you to survive and make a new world?” said the wolf; it was beginning to bore me.

The girl gasped and I could see the life flowing out through the gash on her arm. I was running out of time. I took a step closer to the wolf and covered the girl.

“Change your mind about that or I WILL end you,” I said as my nails grew sharper and my fangs retracted.

The wolf stepped back at the side of my blood-red eyes but then he laughed again. Then I flung myself at it and clawed a hand right under its throat. Yellow gooish stuff ran down my hand and it burned. Suddenly the wolf’s teeth were in my arm and a pain, with no words like it, shot through my arm. This pain I was used to. With my free hand I grabbed the wolf’s neck and ripped it backwards hearing the big crunch it gave when it broke. The wolf shrieked and howled in pain. Fast and smooth I shut my fangs into the holes I had made with my nails and let the venom flow through them. The wolf gave a last howl and then it began turning into ashes.

I rose to my feet and dried the yellow blood from the wolf in my shirt. Why did I always have to pick a fight when I just bought new clothes? I looked at the girl with astonishment. She wasn’t dead yet; she was SMILING?! What the… I ran towards her and pricked to holes in my arm and set it to her mouth.

“Drink,” I ordered her as I began licking the gash on her arm.

Her blood was so delicious that I couldn’t keep my fangs from retracting. It was hard not to duck them into her wound, but I fought the lust. As soon as my tongue touched the bleeding it stopped and as she drank my blood it healed. She gasped a bit when my tongue stroked her but soon she felt a lot better. When I stood back up I felt dizzy and my senses got weaker. The venom from the wolf-bite on my arm had started flowing through my veins, but my hand felt almost healed from the wolf-blood. I carried the girl in my arms as I walked through the snow. I had wrapped her in my shirt because her jacket was torn. She was sleeping quietly as I ran with her. She had long, red and curly hair and little freckles over a little round nose and round apple cheeks.  She was moving a bit as she slept and suddenly a little hand touched my cheek for a second and then it was gone, but my cheek was still hot after that. I nearly stumbled over a stone which shocked me because I never stumbled over anything. ‘I must be really weak after that bite’ I thought as I ran even faster than before.

A smell of tea caught my nose and I knew I wasn’t far from a house. The girl fell in and out of sleep and when she was awake she looked up at me with a smile. She had green eyes glinting in the starlight which made them look like little emeralds. I wondered what she was thinking, but I could tell she wasn’t frightened.

When I reached the door her expression changed; she looked sadder and more tired than before. I smiled politely at her and knocked. A young woman opened the door and nearly fainted at the side of the little girl.

“What happened to my little Hayley?” asked the woman when she got a little better.

I was about to tell her the story but thought better of it. Then she looked curiously at me and her eyes widened.

“Oh no, I’m sorry I forgot to invite you in! Thank you for bringing my little girl home; I was beginning to wonder when she was gonna come! Do you want some tea?” she said almost forgetting to breathe as she let me into the little house.

I laid the girl – Hayley – on a little couch in a small living-room. I sat down beside the coffee table as the woman came in with two cups and a dirty tea-pot.  She babbled a lot as she poured some tea and I found out that her name was Gina.

“Now, tell me what happened to my little girl,” she said.

I couldn’t tell her about the wolf and the wound on Hayley’s arm since it was gone and I would have a hard time explaining that. In the end I told her that I had found her daughter unconscious in the snow, that she might had tripped and hit her head. Gina thanked me a thousand times and asked me to stay the night since there was about 5 miles to the nearest city. At first I did not want to stay, but I did not want to make the kind woman suspicious so I decided to stay.



The room was dark and kind of cold, but Gina had been kind enough to give me a thin blanket. Hayley slept on the couch and I was on the floor. Gina had insisted that Hayley was moved and I got the couch, but since I did not feel normal human pain – and did not want to wake up the little girl – I convinced her to let me sleep on the floor. I did not sleep though. I never did – never needed to. I thought about what to do tomorrow and decided to get back to the city, when I remembered the wolf bite. I could not feel my arm anymore and my vision was getting more blurred. I would pay Gina, the last 300 bucks I had on me, for having me here and then I would head towards my home to get healed. I had kept on my black long-sleeved t-shirt and my jeans because I was shivering. How could they live like this? I sat up and looked at the little girl. Her red hair was all over the couch. She was shivering and her lips got a bit bluer every second. I rose to my feet and laid the blanket over her. I tucked her in and stroke her cheek. How could anyone ever harm such a little thing?

You’re getting soft again Alec! Said a voice in my head.

My kind could telepathies to one another which meant that no one could keep a secret. The voice came from Anary, one of my former lovers. She broke up with me because she thought I was too sensible towards the human kind and a bit too gloomy.

Mind your own business Anary! I snapped back.

She always had to interfere when I felt something. My kind never felt anything. Not even towards each other – or at least that was what they told themselves. But like the human kind: my kind felt save near each other and we liked spending time together. We did not love and we did not feel sorrow, but we did feel something.

You’re wrong Alec! Anary snarled.

I snorted and got back down on the floor. I putted my arms – or the one that was still functioning – under my head as I stared up the ceiling and tried to ignore Anary’s thoughts. She kept warning me about my wound, but I shut her out.



Finally the day broke through the night and light came inside the room. I stood up and went out to the kitchen. Again a really small room with only a stove, a kitchen counter with a sink and a refrigerator. I opened the ‘fridge’ as the humans call it, to see what kind of food these people had: eggs, vegetables and a can with water. I could always make vegetarian omelets, but I felt bad about all of this. I took on some clothes and went outside and I ran as fast as possible towards the nearest grocery store. This was one of the times I could praise myself for knowing my geography. The run did not take more than 3 minutes and the grocer was nice. I ended up buying some fresh baked bread, some more eggs, milk and some other stuff. I was really surprised about how cheap this guy was. I had bought food enough for two days and hadn’t even spent half of the money I had. Had it been in the city I would have spent almost every dime.

As fast as possible I ran back without breaking eggs or milk cartons.

I was about to open the door when I heard something right inside. Why hadn’t I heard that before? My senses were really lacking by now and I had to hold the groceries in my left hand because the right still didn’t work. The doorknob moved and suddenly I was looking down at Hayley with eyes full of tears.

“I thought you left without saying goodbye!” she said with pouted lips and an angry expression.

Had she been missing me? I shook my head; why would she be missing me? I was nothing to her, but her saver. Actually I was nothing to everyone but ‘the sulking Alec’.

“Soooo?” said she – still with the pouted lips and now with her arms crossed.

I stared at her for a moment and then began to answer: “I… I’m sor…”

“Hey, what have you got there?” she asked with a new surprised expression.

“Uhm… Just some groceries… thought you needed some,” I answered.

Her eyes widened in astonishment and a smile swept across her face. She grabbed my bad wrist and I nearly crumbled in pain, but covered it as much as possible.

“The wolf hurt you? I’m sorry. But thank you for rescuing me. I can’t go ahead and die, mama needs me,” she said talking as fast as her mum.

I didn’t answer; I was deep in thoughts. She had thanked me and she had apologized because I was hurt. Weird! I put the groceries on the floor and shoved some of it inside the fridge. I began scrambling some eggs and had Hayley cut some vegetables for the omelets. I made two big once and a little one for me. I wrinkled my nose with the thought of how I was going to puke this stuff up later. While I fried the omelets Hayley sat on the kitchen counter and talked. I didn’t say much, but that wasn’t needed either.

“Mama got fired – that’s why we’re so poor… I’ve never met my farther… had to stop in school…” she babbled on.

It was not like I wanted her to shut her mouth – not at all! This was the first time I really spoke with a human and it was nice to learn about the individuals (you could learn about their cultures in about a week, but their individuality still surprised me).

Then she touched my limb arm so carefully that it almost tickled. She had stopped talking and looked at me with eyes full of questions.

“Is your hair really black? I mean: is that your real hair color?” she asked.

What a weird question. Truth was that I made a bet with another of my kind that a hair dye wouldn’t work on me so I dyed it black and now the color just wouldn’t go out. Not that I minded; I would have re-dyed it if it did.

“Uhm no,” I ended up answering.

She smiled and went on: “are you always so gloomy and quiet?”

This time I just stared at her. I opened my mouth as to say something, but I had no clue what. She chuckled and jumped down the counter.

“I should set the table but before I do: what are you?” she said with pure curiosity in her green emerald eyes.

I put the omelets on a plate and turned around with a weird expression. What was I supposed to tell her? The truth maybe? In the end I ended up answering with a question: “what do you think I am?”

She shrugged and went in with the plates. Her mum was up – again a thing I hadn’t noticed.

Gina thanked me a thousand times for the supplies and demanded to pay me back but I turned her down. I nearly choked in my first bite and Hayley nearly choked in one of hers because she thought I looked funny and had to laugh. Sitting with these two made me feel weird. It wasn’t the same cold atmosphere like when I was together with Anary or any of the other guys.

“You’re not all that talkative, are you Alec?” asked Gina.

I shrugged and got up to take the plates. It wasn’t really necessary for my kind to talk. Hayley got up too to help. I packed my stuff and gave Gina my money – not saying a word all the time. She hugged me and I went out the door. When I was about to run a little warm hand caught my still functioning wrist. I turned around and saw a disappointed red-haired girl.

“You didn’t want to say goodbye?” she asked.

I bent down and whispered: “I’m not good at goodbyes…”

That made her smile and suddenly she was hanging around my neck. Since I wasn’t prepared for this – I had never been prepared for anything like this – I bent over and fell to the ground though I moved fast enough to get underneath her so that I wouldn’t crush her. She giggled and pulled leaves out of my hair.

“You goofball! But if you can’t say goodbye, then what about ‘see you soon’?” she asked.

I shrugged because I really didn’t plan to come back, but I didn’t have it in me to tell this little human and make the happy face go away.

I stood up on my feet and was about to run when she said something disturbing: “vampire, right?”

She had totally caught me off guard and I had no clue what to do. Without answering I just began running.

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