Unnatural vampire

A story about a vampire that may differ from all the others but then look like them anyway. Oh well, read it if you want to :)


6. Questions and answers


As the cap drove me home I could not help, but snuggled down into the shirt the vampire had given me. It still smelled like him. The cap driver talked constantly and I just ‘hummed’ and ‘hmmd’ at the right times – too busy thinking about what had just happened. Something funny was up with this vampire. He never talked much and he looked as gloomy as usual – and I still did not know his name! I sighed. And what was up with this ‘speaking through hands’ business? I had never talked this much through my hands and I would never have known what I was saying if I was watching it from the outside, but the vampire did. Weird.

Oh my God, I would have to somehow explain the shirt to my mum. And I could not tell her it was Jack’s since he had never lend me anything. In the end I ended up taking the shirt off and folding it together.

To my surprise mum was not home this evening. She had bought some sushi – uh oh, mum had a date! She always bought me sushi when something was up. I smiled and tossed the shirt on my bed. Then I decided otherwise and took off my own shirt and pulled on his. It had such nice smell to it and I could not help but take in a deep breath. I ran out into the kitchen dancing a bit. My favorite CD was already in the player and soon the music played loud as I sat eating with sticks. This whole day had been peculiar and I had forgotten how hungry I was. As I sat eating I kept thinking about this gloomy vampire who always protected me. Did he have other girls he protected in the same way? And which of the vampire-myths were the right one? The next time I saw him I would have to remember to ask him about that. Then I remembered: he could move in daylight. Though I had never seen him in sunlight, which would also be almost impossible since the sun never really shined here.

When I was done eating I cleaned as I danced a little to the music, then I went over to turn it down and sat down in front of my dad’s shrine. I lit an incense stick and looked at the picture. He died of sclerosis before I was born. Though I had never met him I still felt attached to him somehow. Mum talked a lot about him and I felt like I knew him. Sometimes, before I would go to sleep, I thought about him and when I was little I used to cry because I missed him – though I had never met him. When I was done I stopped the music and got ready for bed. As I looked in the mirror everything seemed normal, but when I bent down to spit something caught my eye: I looked at my reflection and everything seemed normal; except for some things: my hair was an inch redder than before and my eyes glinted more. My skin had gotten paler and my lips redder and fuller. For the first time in my life I actually felt beautiful, but what in the world had happened? Never mind, I was beautiful now!

When I went to my room, to change into something to sleep in, I got confused: should I sleep in ‘my’ vampire’s (something I began calling him) shirt or a shirt of my own? In the end I decided to sleep in my own shirt and then wear his shirt tomorrow.


The bussing noise from my watch woke me up for the third time and I was getting late for school. Tiredly I stood up and got dressed. My mum knocked on the door to tell me my breakfast was on the table. I hummed to my favorite song which played on my computer every morning: I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance. As I stared at my beautiful body – my curves had also gone more noticeable – I took on the checkered shirt my vampire had lend me and again I admired my new beautiful look. When I came out my mum also stared at me, but went back to cleaning the dishes after the cooking.

“Where did you get that shirt? It’s nice,” she asked.

Shit, I had totally forgotten all about an explanation for mum about the shirt! Hurryingly I stopped some food into my mouth to buy time to think. What to do, what to do?

“Uhm, it’s from a friend of mine… ‘Crunch, crunch’… He lent it to me because it was cold,” I ended up answering.

My mum chuckled: “and who is this guy? What happened to Jack? Got in a fight again?”

Oh yeah, we got in a fight alright. Hm, why should she always know everything?

“Yeah, it’s over between us. And no, my friend is not someone I’m beginning to date right after I broke up with Jack,” I answered tiredly.

Soon after I was on the school and saw that everybody’s faces were staring at me – or at least the bigger part of the crowd. Damn, it felt good now. I smiled politely at the stares and went to class.

When I got in Nathan came directly towards me. He asked about my new shirt and what happened between me and Jack and I told him the whole story (leaving the part out about my vampire). He seemed to be much happier than usual and he told me he had got a new boyfriend – or they weren’t officially dating yet, but he could feel something would happen soon. When Jack came in he was furious and came right over to ask whose shirt I was wearing. I answered matter-of-factly that I had borrowed it from a friend. His eyes went black and his head red with fury, but I just turned around and began talking with Nathan again. Soon after the whole school knew that Jack and I was not dating anymore and the other girls started flirting with him right away. His respond to this irritated and hurt me, but I convinced myself that I did not care.

As usual we all (meaning Jack too) went down to Burger King after school and the girls started asking me out about my new friend. When I was about to tell them who he was something familiar popped up in the corner of my eye: my vampire. I smiled and told them I had to go – my friend was waiting for me outside. I packed my stuff and ran out to him.

He waited for me – not smiling much, but a little cheesy smile was also enough for me. Things got weird when I reached him – I had no clue whether to hug him or just say ‘hi’. We ended up just saying ‘hi’. He indicated with his hand that he wanted to take a walk with me. This ‘speaking through hands’ stuff really got weird. Just before we began walking I turned around and waved at Nathan. He blinked at me and I knew he thought ‘way to go, girl’. As we walked we did not speak much and the silence killed me; I had so many questions and in the end I had to give up: “ok, so you’re a… I mean you’re something special. Does that mean you hate garlic? Do you sleep in a coffin? Do you have supernatural powers – other than the telepathies? How can you walk in day light without burning to death?  You once told me your hair was died, how can that happen? Why did your eyes get red when you protected me from the rest of them?”

Whew, that was a lot of questions. I hoped he would answer just the bigger part of them. Some time passed as we walked side by side. Then he cleared his throat.

“Ok, no I don’t hate garlic and I don’t flinch whenever I’m near it. No, I don’t sleep in a coffin – I don’t sleep at all. Yes, I run up to 10 times faster than the fastest human who ever lived and I’m 10 times stronger than the strongest human. I can walk in daylight because… I can. I burn whenever the sun comes up, but on a cloudy day like this nothing happens. And the die was a bet I made with Jace, a guy from the nest – it never turned back to normal, but I don’t mind. And my eyes got red because the blood streams towards them whenever I’m furious, at the edge of battle or feel a lust for blood,” he answered and we got quiet again.

Hm, that sounded pretty cool. But I was not done. Then he turned towards me and pointed up at a window. Oh my God! I had walked towards my home. I just nodded and opened the hallway door. Just before I opened the door into my home I turned towards him. He waited patiently and smiled a little at me. I blushed and had a hard time asking him the question. For a moment I just stood and opened and closed my mouth when he suddenly laughed – damn, he laughed! And an addictive laughter too – and said: “my name is Alec, if that was the question?”

I blushed even more and turned around to open the door.  Luckily mum was not home and we went into the living room. Automatically I bumped down on the couch, but my guest stood up staring at my dad’s shrine. I coughed and indicated for him to sit down.

“Ok, I’m sorry for all these questions, but this is so unfamiliar to me: why me? And how did you become a vampire?” I asked.

Again the long thinking pause, but he did not seem irritated by my questions. I smiled politely at him, but I had never been patient.

“Hm, I don’t know why I protect you all the time. Maybe because you always seem to get into trouble at the right times. You’re like a trouble magnet. And I didn’t ‘become’ a vampire. I was born this way,” he answered matter-of-factly.

My eyes widened in surprise; BORN that way? I had never EVER heard of a vampire being born a vampire in any stories. For a long time we just sat quietly as the next question formed inside my head. Slowly I looked up at him, but he seemed to have been staring at me for some time now. Gosh, I would never get used to the perfectness of him. He looked like a statue of Adonis sitting right in my living room. Something about him made me want to reach out and touch his cheek as I had touched his chest the other day. This time I fought the lust. Even just the image of his chest made me blush. Bad brain! Really bad brain! You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking so dirtily! I licked my lips and began biting the lower lip. With a quick move I began itching the back of my head and blinked a few times to get back on trail. All the time he had been staring at me with that gloomy – yet a bit happy or maybe… satisfied? – expression of his. What was on his mind? He looked like he was thinking even more than I was. Oh for pity sake! Ask that stupid question! I told myself.

“Uhm, so… Can I get to be a vampire?” I asked a bit stuttering and bit my lower lip nervously – again.

This question seemed to irritate him though. Oh no, I surely would not hope for him to get mad or leave or something. In the end he began itching the back of his head and answer: “yes, you can be transformed, but to be a fully vampire – not running off and drinking whatever blood may serve you – you must be transformed by a ‘real’ vampire like me. If you’re transformed by a half-blooded vampire (a vampire who has been transformed by a ‘real’ vampire) you will go crazy and end up killing everyone to satisfy your unstoppable bloodlust. What is it with you humans and the lust to get vampires anyway?”

Wow, I had just asked him a simple question and he took as if I wanted to become a vampire. Hm, never mind. Something I just did not get was: if he was born vampire – could the vampires die like humans; without being killed? When I was about to ask the question my mum came home.

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