Unnatural vampire

A story about a vampire that may differ from all the others but then look like them anyway. Oh well, read it if you want to :)


5. Not like them


“I’m vampire like the rest of them. But I’m not LIKE them. It’s hard to explain – you see: every vampire learns to not have feelings towards anyone nor anything. Though we have decided to not kill humans and stay in the shadow to create the horror story’s you humans seem to like – in my believe we do feel something. Like humans we attend to be in crews – or nests like we call them – just like the one right here. We like to spend time with each other though we’re not speaking much,” I explained to her.

“How did you know what they were doing to me? And why did you stop them?” she asked wrinkling her nose.

Oh G… if I had to explain everything it would take most of the day. I called for a cab before I turned towards her (this also gave me some time to think).

“Well… Like I said: I’m NOT like them. I believe that I have feelings. And the reason why I knew what they were doing is because we a telepathic. Every vampire can hear one another’s thoughts – within a short distance. I heard what they thought of doing to you. As for the other question,” I said and pulled off my shirt; showing the marks on my chest, back and arms.

Her eyes widened as she saw the big scars. She moved a bit closer and reached out as to touch my chest, but stopped inches before. I swallowed and took a step forward so that her hand was flat on my chest. Without realizing it; I had stopped breathing. Her hand was cold and she shook a bit as she moved it in the patterns of the scars. The touch of her fingers tickled a bit and made me shiver.

“H… How did you get these?” she asked.

I shrugged. It was weird having to ‘talk’ this much. I did not even speak this much with the vampires through telepathic.

“Oh my Goodness! Breathe!” she demanded with frightened eyes.

Had I stopped breathing? Oh yeah, bad habit. Slowly I began breathing again and swallowed.

“Remember the first time we met?” I asked.

She looked blankly at me. Her hand had stopped moving and I could tell she was thinking. Please figure this one out, I thought. She pressed her lips together and swallowed several times. She looked so cute when she concentrated. Some part of me wanted to reach out and touch her cheek, but I did not. Then she breathed and shrugged. My expression stayed the same, but inside I was sighing.

“I saved you from a wolf?” I asked rhetorically.

Then her eyes widened and she said: “oh… Something you do often?”

I nodded. That was a part of my life; saving humans from those who kept killing them. Like the wolfs; which were those who made it dangerous since they could kill me. I noticed that she shivered and handed out my shirt towards her. She blushed and again something weird happened to me. I guess I would compare the feeling with the humans: it made my (dead)heart skip a beat. Then she took my shirt and pulled it over her head. The cap pulled up into the driveway and I shoved her towards it. When we reached the car she opened the door and got in, then she just looked up at me. I stood with my hands in my pockets and tried not to shiver in the cold weather. She still wore my shirt and seemed to have forgotten all about it.

She pointed a finger over her shoulder, as to tell me to get in and it seemed as though she wanted me to.

Bullocks. Why would she even consider wanting me to go? I shrugged and pointed over my shoulder to indicate that I had things to do – not that that was true, but I did not think it was a good idea for me to go. She just nodded and then pointed at my shirt with a question in her eyes. Damn, it was my favorite shirt! What to do, what to do? I looked at the black and green checkered shirt and it actually fit her nicely. I blushed and waved my hand to indicate that she could just have it. She smiled at me and her emerald eyes glinted. Then she closed the door and the cap drove away. Seemed like I had to go buy a new shirt – again.

I sighed and thought about following the cap, but that thought just freaked me out. Even I thought that stalking others was creepy – and I am not human? In the end I just turned around and walked back to the front porch and sat down on the stairs.

What is she to him? Asked Hayo (a Chinese guy who just entered the nest a few months ago).

I’m not sure, but he seems be LIKING that thing – going against everything we live for. Plus: he’s breaking the rules, Anary answered – again with that jealous voice.

But why would she be jealous? She could get whoever she wanted in this crew. I sighed and rose to my feet. This was really getting old. For a few seconds I stood still, trying to get the voices out of my head, then I began running without a goal.


After running for minutes I stopped. The sky was getting a sort of reddish-pink color and the city I was in, was beginning to shut down for the day. Standing there watching the stores preparing to close I decided I should find a new favorite shirt. I walked into the nearest stores with men’s clothing and the woman behind the bar stared at me as I tried to find a shirt. Not that I blamed her – I was bare-chested – but my body was not handsome at all.

“Excuse me, but do you need some help?” she asked with a flirty pinch to her voice.

Was she for real? I was really not that hot. These humans all acted really strange. But who was really the strange one: the human who thought a vampire was sexy (though he was not) or the vampire for being a vampire?

“Uhm, yes please. Could you tell me where the shirts are? I’m in need of one with checkers on,” I answered politely.

She giggled and clicked with her tongue: “I can see that, but with such a chest why even bother?” she flirted.

Boring. I shrugged and went down to the shirts to find a new one to put on – I had been freezing without. Had I hurt her feelings for not flirting back? Whatever I did I must have hurt her feelings because she scowled at me until I was out of the store.

I ripped off the price sticker and took on the shirt. I could still feel the heat of Hayley’s flat hand on the top of my chest (though it had been cold when she had touched me). Somehow I just knew that I was indebted to see her again. Her face, her eyes, her smile was stuck on the inside of my eyelids. Ok, I would have to stalk her a bit and I had for a few months now, but she did not mind – or I hoped she did not mind. I decided to take a walk tomorrow afternoon and pass Burger King – just as usually. I nodded once and went home.

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