Unnatural vampire

A story about a vampire that may differ from all the others but then look like them anyway. Oh well, read it if you want to :)


4. In the nest


Everything was blurred. Then I felt someone picking me up. Someone really warm. From the posture of the chest I could feel it was a guy – and I could smell it too. This smell seemed somewhat familiar to me. I tried to open my eyes to look at him, but it was hard because my head hurt and something was tickling my hair-line. Then he hugged me tighter – and ever so gently – and whispered for me to stop. I slumbered in and did not feel much before we were somewhere hot. The guy still had a hold of me though we were sitting in something moving – a car maybe? Then a voice spoke to a person, telling it not to ask any questions and where to drive us – so it was a cap we were in. Again something seemed familiar about this person. I tried once again to open my eyes, but my head hurt too much to do so. Then I could feel the guy’s breathe on my forehead and I went all still. Something hot touched the top of my scull and it tickled and felt so weird that I could not help myself from gasping. Suddenly the pain got worse, but then it was over – now I just felt the worst pain ever in my elbow… Never mind that, I thought to myself. I opened my eyes slowly and there he was: the guy I had seen a million times before on the street. He was looking out the window and I was too exhausted to look at him – though he was the most beautiful guy I had ever seen, even though I could only see the back of his head. In the end I ended up slumbering back to sleep.

The next time I woke up I was in a couch with a lot of weird people staring at me. My arm hurt more than before, but I was staring up into the beautiful person’s eyes – and those deep blue eyes took away all my senses. I smiled shyly at him, but could not concentrate because of those dazzling eyes. I had not noticed how steady my breath was; when the guy suddenly moved towards me, my breath got more rapid. Something happened with the guy and he looked at me like he would eat me. Then he whispered in my ear (which tickled incredibly much, but I was unable to laugh at the moment): “I’m sorry, this might hurt”.

Then to my surprise he touched my elbow and lifted it gently. A pain shot through my arm and I forgot all about behaving and made a little scream. He was not gonna… Was he? Oh no! NOOOO! I thought as he grabbed my arm firmly and pushed it back into place. A loud tearful scream jumped from my lips and I began crying. The pain was even worse than before. It might hurt a little, huh? Damn him and all the other pale faces staring at this scene expressionless!

Then a picture popped up in my mind, something that seemed like a dream. I had tried something like this before. Only: it was a monster making my arm hurt back then, but it was the same guy – though he had not aged a day.

I looked up in surprise to see that the guy was biting himself in the arm, but there were only two holes with blood. THAT’S IT! It’s the funny vampire! I thought, but then he lowered his arm to my mouth and I felt the blood leaving my face. He did not want me to… Did he? NO!... But I had done it once before… NO! Absolutely not!

I pressed my lips together when he tried to press the arm against them. The iron smell of blood reached my nose and I felt sick. Then he moved the arm away and began sucking the blood himself. I stared disbelieving at him. Then he bent his head to mine and his hot lips touched mine. They felt like silk, but it was not to kiss me (which would annoy me later on, but now I was too busy being surprised that I knew who he was). Gently, but determined, he forced my lips apart and then the gooish stuff went into my mouth. I wanted to flinch and spit it out, but it was either choking or drinking it. Slowly I tried to gulp it down. When his mouth was empty he lifted his head from mine. I felt really sick and wanted to puke, but the pain had stopped in my elbow. I could not believe it. Several times I just stared down at my arm and up at him in amazement. Then I could not help myself from saying: “WOAH!”

I smiled as widely as possible. This was the guy who saved me 11 years ago. I blinked once and spoke: “vampire boy! Now I remember!”

He tried to hide a shy smile which made me blush – he remembered me too! Then he rushed to his feet and out of the house.

I wanted to get after him, but something in the others stares made me sit quiet. Then one of them moved towards me – sniffing. It was a guy, about twenty-two, blond hair crystal blue eyes and a smiling face. He sat down beside me and took a lock of my hair. The others came closer to me and suddenly my claustrophobia began prickling under my skin. Then the guy began licking my cheek. I gasped of fear and flinched backwards when I hit something cold. Then another tongue stroked my shoulder. I was sweating of fear. Would they…? Somehow I was too frightened to scream. Suddenly all their fangs were retracted and their eyes went blood-red. The blond guy was just about to set his fangs into my arm when he stopped and looked up. Then someone came jumping into the crowd and threw the blond guy into the wall. It was my savior. He stood with fangs retracted and stared with evil red eyes at the others. For the first time in my life he looked scary. I shook all over and wanted to go home. I had never been more homesick than now.

Then the vampires stepped back and one of them shot me an envious glance before she went into a room with some of the others.

My savior of a vampire relaxed and grab my arm. He helped me to my feet and pulled me out in the now cloudy and cold weather. I looked up at him and saw a weird expression on his face. Something was odd about all of this: he was a vampire like the rest of them, but why had he stopped them then? Why had he saved me twice?

Then he coughed as if to clear his throat…

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