Unnatural vampire

A story about a vampire that may differ from all the others but then look like them anyway. Oh well, read it if you want to :)


7. Be careful human


She really did look gorgeous in my shirt. And she had put a little black belt on right under her breasts to make them stand out which annoyed me a bit – they were pretty hard not to look at (though I am a vampire I still am a guy). I could tell on her face that another question was on its way, but her mum was on the stairs. One, too, three… and the door opened. Hayley jumped on to her feet and went out to greet her mother. I stood up and went out to say hello.

“Oh my Hayley, is this the ‘new’ guy who lend you his shirt?” her mum asked with a smile.

Hayley tried to shush her mum and she looked all red in the face. I smiled politely and reached a hand out: “pleased to meet you ma’am,” I said.

Her mum – Gina – blushed and shook my hand. Then her expression changed and she looked curious.

“Haven’t we met before?” she asked as she wrinkled her forehead.

“I’m sure you must mistake me for someone else,” I answered politely.

Hayley began shoving me towards her room and then we sat on her bed. It was a bright room with posters of some famous guys, a desk with a laptop on and a big closet with big mirrors on each door. As we sat in her room the talking had stopped. She played a bit with one of her many bracelets and looked a bit uncomfortable. Was it me who made her uncomfortable? I surely did not hope so, but I would understand her if it was. After all: I was a vampire and a total stranger sitting in her room. Maybe she was afraid of me? Oh God, what had I done! I rose a bit too quickly to my feet and was about to leave when she looked shocked at me.

“Don’t leave! Please…” she said a bit sad.

I swallowed and looked down at her. She stretched out a hand, but hesitated. Then she stretched it out and touched my wrist. Without realizing it I had frozen and stared down at her. Her warm touch thrilled me and I could feel she shook. Her head moved upwards and I could see in her eyes how sad she was. It was like the green emeralds pleaded me to sit down and listen and I could only do so. I had never felt such a power as this. She looked sadly at me and a bit apologetic. Her hand shook as she released my arm, and she swallowed: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, it’s just because I just broke up with my boyfriend because he was… he didn’t treat me well… But I still have feelings for him, but I don’t want to have and I thought I could use you to get rid of these feelings and I’m really sorry! And that’s why I suddenly felt weird because I realized how I was using you and I didn’t mean to! I’m so sorry,” she said almost without breathing and the tears rolled down her cheeks.

And I just sat staring at her. I had never tried this stuff before and I had NO idea how to handle this. But the things she said moved something inside me and I felt like hugging her tight and padding her head – a feeling so unfamiliar to me that I had to do it. I moved closer to her and put an arm around her. At first she seemed to dislike it, but then she loosened up and laid her head on my shoulder. Her hair smelled like coconuts and I could not help but sniff a bit to it once in a while. She sobbed my shirt wet and it got cold which made me shiver. Like a machine I rubbed her arm and stared out into the room. For a long time we just sat like that and I had no idea what to do.  She had stopped crying – which was great – and she sat totally quiet. What was she thinking about? Maybe she wondered what I was thinking? Why was speaking so hard for me? Slowly I put my other arm around her and hugged her tighter. She let a little sigh slip through her beautifully red lips and then it happened. Just the thought of her red lips reminded me what I was. Like if someone had hit me the sound of her rushing blood, her hammering heart and her scent came back to me. I stiffened. She looked up into my eyes with a shock and I guess my face told her everything. Her expression changed and she flinched. My fangs had retracted and I had to stand up. I rushed to the window and flung it open. With all my power I tried to stay calm and get my fangs away and I would do anything to get that expression away from her beautiful face. This was why the vampires had made the law to never be related to a human. Now I understood. This was why we had to either couple up with another vampire or transform the human-being.

“I… I’m sorry… Did I come to close?” she asked with no fear in her voice.

I breathed in again. She did not understand at all. It would never be her fault – could never be. It was me who had come to close – who had taken a risk because I had forgotten all about the creature I really was. Slowly I turned around to face her.

“Don’t apologize. It’s my fault; I was not careful enough. I think it is better if I take me leave,” I said and walked over to the door.

Then I stopped. Her face twitched into sad expression. What was this girl thinking? I had to leave for her sake. How could I have been so stupid putting her into this risk?

“Do not leave, please? I will not get this close anymore, I promise! Just do not leave. I do not know why, but something inside me wants you to stay,” she pleaded.

She wanted me to stay. A weird feeling started tickling in my stomach. I swallowed and went over to the bed again. Then I heard her mum’s footsteps outside the door. One… two… three… and the knocking began.

“Excuse me Alec, but would you like to have dinner with us?” she asked.

Oh G… then I would have to puke it all up. Think fast Alec! I thought to myself. Then Hayley giggled. I smiled at her and looked up at Gina.

“No thanks miss. My uhm… My friend invited me over for dinner today,” I answered and rose to my feet.

Hayley looked sadly at me and I just smiled politely at her. She got to her feet and followed me out to the door. There she stood and waited for her mum to say goodbye and take her leave. She smiled a bit at me, but the smile was false and you could tell from her eyes that she was sad. When her mum was gone she shut the door behind her.

“Will I get to see you again soon?” she asked.

I smiled and touched her cheek. The blood flushed to her cheeks and I just let my hand fall to my site. She opened her mouth, but I just waved a hand and said: “same time tomorrow,” and then I was out of the way.

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