The Awakening

Ayla is your typical outcast, unlike her all star popular brother she hides in the shadows always unseen, that is until the new guy comes to school that is. Just as her life starts to unravel and she discovered who she really is, will she come to accept her new power in time to save the one person she loves and get her out of harms way?


1. Chapter One


I Ran fast fear coursing threw my veins. The sky so dark, so quiet it was troublesome. A white orb hung in the sky, so hauntingly beautiful it was painful. I couldn’t help but shake the feeling I have been here before, that I’ve seen all this before. One could only wonder what things happened when I wasn’t awake, when I couldn’t remember anything of what I had done, who I had seen, or what had happened during those nights. I ran to a tree resting my back against the cold hard wood. Against what my mind was telling me to do I rested. I couldn’t help but wonder how I had gotten to this point. How had I let it go so far. My thoughts broke rapidly by the sound of a twig snapping. My blood ran cold, my whole body felt numb. I got up and ran. The footsteps behind me were getting closer and closer.  Cold air whipped against, flying my long brown hair behind me like a flag. Fear ran off me in rays, there was no doubt in my mind they were going to catch me now. A hand reached out and grabbed my waist, I screamed in terror has someone slapped a hand over my mouth. My breath was quick, my green eyes bugged out of my head as I saw who caught me. Ryan!? I thought in dismay and regret. He could feel my confusion rolling off of me.  “ Yes sister I’m the one who has been after you. Soon you will see why.” his lips wrapped into a horrid smile. Just then the lights switched off. The world went black, the last thing I heard was the sound off footsteps. The last thing I felt was rope wrap around my hands.   A few weeks earlier…. The sound of my constant clock went off on time, six am it blinked over and over again. My hand went threw the darkness of my room and smashed the alarm clock until it was off or I broke it. I didn’t know what one I did as long as it was done beeping. My feet hit the cold carpet of the tan room. Goosebumps covered my skin as I leaped into the cold air. My house was always cold, something I would never get used to no matter how long I have lived in Connecticut. I loved the snow, the only dreadful thing was how cold it was. The mirror never lies, as I stared back at my reflection I now new what that meant. I stared at my white milky skin, dark purple bags covered under my shinning green eyes. Once again evidence of another night of no sleep.  After getting ready for school, something I always dreaded I walked to my seat at the breakfast nook in my kitchen. As normal my brother Ryan was there already eating his healthy breakfast, pasta. Yes as normal he nor I would ever eat breakfast foods. I quickly shoveled a bowl of cereal in my mouth before running to the car with Ryan on my heals the whole way.    The drive to school is always pleasant. Beautiful scenery was almost dreamlike quality to it. Such a beautiful school but on the inside, it was filled with cold hearted people.  We entered the building making my way to homeroom as fast as I could trying to avoided glares and looks from other people. But Ryan relished in the attention, as he should. As my perfect younger brother he was the one everyone was friends with. And I? I was always alone, with my books and nature. I was often alone but I didn’t mind, school was meant to learn not to make friends and my grades were evidence of that. As a sophomore in high school I was used to the isolation my peers gave me. Not that I didn’t blame them. I walked into my homeroom, it was a relatively small room with no more then ten students that filled it. The desk in the back of the room in the corner in the window is where I always sat. people rushed into there classes but mine was already there, always the ten of us, we never talked to one another nor did we want to. The teachers voice rang threw the room once again calling attendance.  “ Mike Callway…Jake Blackwold…Mary Callahand…. Ayla Waters…” My hand shot up as my name was called.  She just nodded as normal and continued. This was going to be a long day I thought. That’s when an unfamiliar face walked into the room. He was tall with short raven black hair, clear green eyes. With a pass in hand he walked to the seat next to me and sat down. We were all spaced as far apart as we could go, everyone looked at this new kid wondering if one of us had the guts to tell him what he was doing wrong. Instead he shot them a look, looked at me and put out his hand as if he intended me to shake it. His smile was warm and kind.  “ Hello,” his voice rang. “ I’m Damon and you are?” I took his hand cautiously and smiled.  “ Ayla, Ayla Waters.” I answered he smiled and I pulled away my hand. The bell rang and he got up but before he left he said. “ I hope to see more of you Ayla Waters.” He winked and left the room.  Well, I thought, maybe this day wouldn’t be so normal after all.               The day went by in a blur, classes that seamed to go on forever I blinked and it was over. Turns out Damon has been in all of my classes, I was started to get a little suspicious of the cute new kid who seems to have taken an interest in me. I walked outside with my lunch in hand. It was a beautiful fall day. The crisp crimson leaves covered the ground in a blanket of color. The wind blew only just enough to rustle the leaves. I sat in my normal spot under the big oak tree by the edge of the forest. I leaned against the tree finding comfort in the normalcy of it. My brown bag laid on the ground next to me, my hand reached in a took out my pear. I bit into the sweet flavor of it and smiled. I looked up only too see, guess who, Damon. “ Hello.” I said completely confused by his presence. He just smiled and sat next to me not even asking if he could sit there.  “ Hello,” he said back. “Such a lovely day out isn’t it? Is it always this nice here?”  I looked at him and just shook my head.  “ Yes it is a nice day out and, no it is not always this nice here, once the snow comes we will be berried up to our ears.” I laughed remembering the snow we got last year and how it was taller then me. But then again most things are taller then me.  “ I quite like the snow.” he continued as he bit into his apple and I continued on my pear.   “ I know this might be a odd question, but what are you talking to me? And being nice to me? Not that I don’t mind but no one talks to me in case you haven’t noticed.” I looked down at the ground already regretting asking it.  “ Well,” he began. “ In case you haven’t noticed I’m not one, and I’m not like everyone else. They just don’t see what I see in you.”  I could feel his eyes burning a whole in my head. I slowly looked up and found the courage to ask.  “ And what do you see in me?” My voice quivered a little as I asked the question.  “ Now that my dear friend I will tell you on a different occasion.” he smiled wickedly and I just laughed. “ I can not wait for that occasion my wicked new friend.” I playfully slapped his arm, he threw some leaves on me. The rest of lunch was fun, carefree, and for once I didn’t feel alone. I actually had a friend.   Damon and I walked to my next class witch he just so happened to have as well. Drama class. The teacher was fun, loud and most of all didn’t care about how we acted as long as we had fun and we always did. Today she was holding additions for a musical she wrote about magic, and fairies. That was right up my ally and as Damon said his as well.    We all sat in the auditorium looking at the scrip’s waiting to be called up one by one to sing. This was the part I always dreaded, standing up in front of everyone, acting and singing, being judged. But today I wasn’t as afraid, because for once I had a friend in the audience. We watched the others perform and as always I was amazed by the talent my classmates had.  As my name was called my thought tightened and my heart raced. I walked up to the stage, looked down and started to sing. My voice rang threw the room, echoing back at me. My face as read as a rose looking down at my feet. As I finished the song I quickly raced back to my seat trying not to look at anyone. The room was completely silent. Was that good? The teacher looked at me with pride and smiled. Next she called Damon. He walked up and looked at everyone, at once he started to sing. It was magical, his voice rang threw the room, my ears greeted the melody. He stared at me, his green eyes almost hypnotizing. Before I could even remember to breathe he was sitting next to me again.  “ That as amazing!” I whispered. He smiled and looked into my eyes.  “ Not as beautiful as your enchanting voice” he replied. My face turned crimson and I looked back at the stage smiling.  Damon walked me to my car, we walked in silence as I waited for my brother to come. The air was warm but crisp. Waiting for my brother to show up we leaned against the car. “ You don’t have to wait for Ryan with me you know.” I pretended to be interested at a lose string on my shirt. He pulled my face back up gently to meet his eyes. “ I know, I want to wait with you.” I just nodded, he kept his hand below my chin. He slowly moved closer to me. Was he going to kiss me? His face was so close to mine I could feel his breath on my skin. Just before our lips met Ryan ran up to us.  “ Alya, what are you doing?” he asked. Damon and I riped apart quickly.  “ Um nothing. Come on Ryan lets go.” My face was I’m sure a not very attractive red. Damon just smiled and hugged me.  “ I’ll see you tomorrow Ayla,” he whispered. “ By the way your very cute when you bush.” my face reddened even more, he chuckled and walked away. Today was most definitely not one of my normal days, but I could get used to it. I smiled to myself as I walked to the car on my way home. 
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