My lips are sealed

I stormed out of the shack, anger boiling up inside me. Dust trailed behind me as I started to run, to try to escape from my miserable home and demanding mother.
“Amahle!” I heard someone cry out, but I couldn’t turn around, not now! I threw myself down onto the roadside and glared at my surroundings, sadly. Small shanties shone in the blazing sun, young children played games bare foot. But, not one of them was reading or writing. I wished hard that someday I would learn, maybe one day....


2. Breathe

I can't breath. Breathe I tell myself! I can't. HELP! I grab my books and run, then collapse and the next thing I see is a bright light then everything goes black. I wake up to dust blowing up my nose. I sneeze, then hug the books closer. I was still laying on the floor in pain as I remembered my mother. How disappointed she would be with me. Tears chased each other down my cheeks as I slowly stood up and walked to the shade. What had I done?

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