Sleeping Ugly

Entry for the Diary competition-Ava Mason a teenage girl whose life is currently upside down is having problems of who she is.So when a bunch of teenage girls pick on her Ava will have to overcome them and face her destiny.


1. Lost Pages

Dear whoever reads this

I am not one of those girls,who love the colour pink and write fancy diaries of meeting a prince Charming and falling in love.Hell no i don't even believe there is a prince Charming whose perfect in ever way i mean seriously every dude has something wrong about him it could be his hair,his eyes,his nose to whatever.So when i see girls droning on and on about there princes i feel like puking. Jessicca the world worst bully  i feel like throwing cow poo over her hah how funny that would be.My best friend ever in this mean world is Ebony when i first met her i was overcome with jealousy she was beautiful like the others and i thought she would be like them but she wasn't on her first day she was a new girl just 6 years old.She sat beside me and smiled at me and that's when i knew we were going to be BFF forever I've known her for 7 years but i can't live a day without her.I have a slight crush on her i mean who wouldn't she's beautiful and kind.If i was a boy i would of asked her out but i mean how could i.I am a girl so is she we can't be together.I sometimes dream if i was a boy and she was a girl.There is no boy that's handsome well there's only one and that's my twin brother Adrian i mean how is it fair i get to look like a dork have jet black hair and freckles while he gets to have blonde hair a perfect face and figure i mean how is that fair.I bet your thinking i am a girl who goes on and on about how i am not perfect but i am not like that.I bet your wondering whoever is reading this why don't you stop reading this diary but then you wouldn't get to hear the life behind all these words.Who said keeping a diary stops you from being a total weirdo.I used to wonder why parents told their children if they asked do fairies exist i mean why give children hopes and then later crush it?

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