Sleeping Ugly

Entry for the Diary competition-Ava Mason a teenage girl whose life is currently upside down is having problems of who she is.So when a bunch of teenage girls pick on her Ava will have to overcome them and face her destiny.


2. Family

If my parents were normal like ordinary people.Maybe i wouldn't be bullied.But thats when you have your Mother as a UN role model.I mean she dyed her hair purple and is like total goth and dating other men not my father.My father is like a nut he is a geeky author who never wrote a book.My parents had regular brown hair kinda like mine.I look pretty average black hair and caramel colour skin.The weird think about me is my eyes they are a purple they are not even normal purple.But a scary dark purple.Maybe if i looked different i wouldn't be teased and been called a Lezzie which i am not.

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