Keep Calm and Type On!

This is an attempt to capture the growth of a young girl over the year.

Meet Emily: she's 11 years old and very much the airhead. From her first experience with menstruation to her numerous attempts at attaining to the Queen Bee throne in her new school, she remains quite naive but good-humoured.

This was originally meant for the diary competition, and the first chapter made me win one of the 'Most Original and Funniest Voices' awards. I am now trying to keep on working at it with a hope to develop this 'original and funny' side of mine as well as hopefully improve on my writing skills.
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3. ...And School's In!


January 8th

Puh-leeeeeeaaassseeee, kill me!! How can I turn myself into such a major source of embarassment?! I'm a walking heap of self-humiliation...had I had the body of Scarlett Johanssen, I don't think I would have minded that much, but I don't.  Oh no, on top of looking like an overfed mexican boy on my first day of school (thanks for the great haircut, MUM!), I have to go bring even more attention to myself. 

Here I am, on my first day of secondary school at St. Augustine's All-Girl Grammar School, utterly and completely lost. Amy did the sisterly duty of guiding me to my classroom and dumping me there. By 'guiding', I mean she literally dragged me the whole way from the car to the classroom with a firm grasp on my forearm and a decisive stride that had me falling all over myself all along this 2-minute journey. By 'dumping' me, I mean that she did what any older sister, trying to maintain her 'cool' reputation would have done, "Here you are," she had said, "have a nice day, and remember, if you see me arund school, YOU DON'T KNOW ME!". And with that, she had run away from he first year section as if she had just been told she'd be riding a Mist in heat for the next horse-riding session. So, I stood there, eyes focussed on the list of names of those belonging to my class. Oh great, the trnsition from private to public school was really not a popular one, of the four girls from my primary school, none of their names were present on the list. So, once again, I checked out the list of names, my nose literally resting on the piece of paper, hoping to find familiar names. SCORE! I knew two girls in my class, we had been at the same afterschool tuition. Both of them, I had befriended, so that meant all I had to do was go look around for them. They probably had a greater number of friends in the class, so I could probably integrate their group, show them how awesome I was and become Queen Bee (cue: evl music)! 

I spotted Tracy, surrounded by six girls, all laughing and trying their best not to look nervous. As I got closer, alarms bells resonated through my head, "ABORT MISSION, ABORT MISSION!!!". Their uniforms and mine seemed completely different. Could I have come to school, on my very first day,in the WRONG uniform? Was that why Amy had run away from me so quick? Were my parents quietly on the way to the office snickering at their cruel joke? DOES THAT MEAN I'M SOCIALLY DEAD ALREADY?? The first bell hasn't even rung, that's a new record! 

I hurried off to a corner, as inconspicuously as I could and allowed myself to contemplate on hyperventilation followed by fainting as an escape route. As I was debating the best and less painful ways to fall down, my thoughts stoppped in their tracks as I stared at my outfit and then at those around me completely dumbfounded. Hold on! They're the same!! What ws actually different was that mine was one size too large one me, 5 cms below the knee and bunched up together around my waist by what now seemed to be an obsolete uniform belt. The other girls had well fitted uniforms which stopped right above the knees and their socks were the new rave:ankle socks, which made the school outfit look way better than my own. OH.MY.GOD, I was the geek!! No, that could not be right, this was my time to have a whole new social identty, 'geek' was so last year. This year, I was going to be the supercool one! I stood in my corner, aving a silent tantrum in my head and tears welling up, making my face all red and puffy. "What's the matter, Emily?", it was Rebecca, the other tuition girl. "I LOOK LIKE SUCH A NERD!", I blurted out.  "Well, it's just a school uniform, you can have it readjusted anytime, don't worry about it.", Becca said dismissively, shrugging her shoulders. 

With those words, it was like a whole new day had just risen. The aura of hope shone high up in the sky. She was right, clothes don't define ME, I do! I'm going to show all those girls who's really the coolest! As a cue to my newfound spirit, the school bell rang and arms linked, Becca and I went to find ourselves seats. I wanted to be at the back, that's where popular kids sit! Becca had headed for a discreet side table 2 rows from the front, with the seat next to hers empty. Encouragingly, she smiled at me and, realising that I had spoken to no one else yet, that was my only option.  So, that's how shool started.  Then, after meeting our teacher, we had to get up and introduce ourselves, one at a time. OH.MY.GOD, that's my chance to get popular! Quick, find something cool to say, find something cool to say,find something cool to say...

Once Becca sat down, I shot up "Hi, I'm Emily and I just looovvveee detention!". I gave the class a gracious, self-satisfactory smile and sat down again. Becca averted her gaze from me and dramatically inched, or more like footed, her chair away from me. The whole class was stunned and 'awkwaaaaaarrrdddd' was the general through every girls' mind. "Right", said Mr. Barnes, "it's a shame we don't do detention here then, who's next?". The class gave a thankful chuckle to the declaration of the end of what had to be the stupid opening line of all times. I just sank lower in my chair, red as a recently panked baby's bottom. Thankfully, as the rest of the day progressed, the comment was easily put aside by the rest of the class although jokes still came my way. I didn't mind that, to gainpopularitiy, you needed some sort of acknowledgement, right?! I'drather start fom being the class jester than the class bitch!

At 2.30pm, I was in the car, waiting for Amy to finally emerge from the school gates. I caught glimpse of her, stood from the side door and yelled out her name waving furiously at her, whilst grinning. Finally, I would ba able to fill someone in on my first day at school. She quickly got rid of her friends, hugging each one goodbye and turned her attention to me, greeting me with a scowl. Uh-oh, how had I ended up in trouble this time? "I told you not to talk to me on school grounds!", she muttered behind clenched teeth, "Now, move over and let me get in." As the car's engine purred signalling the start of our journey back home, Amy tried to limit the smirk on her face, "I heard that the teachers now refer to you as 'detention-girl', wait til I tell mom about that."

Oh diary, it's been too much face-palming action for a day! Dinner was horrible, even dad took part in the teasing tonight! But, hey, on the bright side, Becca introduced me to all her friends and everyone, including the teachers, know who I am. All we have to do is take care of the uniform now.

Big sloppy kisses, 

Your secondary school friend, 




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