Commuter's Jester

Inspired by a clown busker when i popped to London for the day.


1. Commuter's Jester

Teasing strings with a slight feminine delicacy unusual within his sex, as if he played an instrument of glass pieced of fragile limbs and not the wooden bust he cradled lovingly like a daughter. First impressions reminded us stragglers, of an amateur who knew nothing of music, who posed as if to regain a dead semblance of his former youth, where musicians awoke as gods with their creative lives marked on a headstone, the sell-by date decreasing all the while. His cartoon hands seemingly made too cumbersome for an otherwise bird-like frame, transformed themselves once he began his performance, plucking carelessly at first fingers slack over strings as momentum gathered, notes joined together in sequences, that could make a heart sing in union.  

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