The white Horse

I galloped far away from my parents mansion. My friend Pip was on a stallion right behind me, we had to get as far away from the kingdom of hell as we could.

It all started with me getting fostered and living a life that only hell monsters live. I tried not to cry when my parents would treat me like an unwanted house mouse. I would wake at five and start to prepare a feast just for breakfast, then I would prepare a hog roast for lunch followed by a first class pudding. The last meal of the day would be a banquet(I would have the scraps if i am lucky or the dogs will get them)


1. The monsters arrive



I was playing in my room at the foster home, with my friend Pip. Pip and I are really good friends best friends even! Befor I left to go and live with my new parents ( who I have never met before)I gave Pip the address of the house. I told him to come and visit whenever he wants to. When I went downstairs with all my bags (and of course my lucky scarf) the front door swung open, and standing there where two middle aged adults looking at me with spicious look. I looked at them and they asked me to tell the care taker that Mr and Mrs Jhonsen had arrived.So I ran over to Kaitie and told her the message, (she diddn't realy quite care)so said "see you squirt!"

                 I ran over to the door Mr Jhonsen led me to the old ragged car, whilst Mrs Jhonsen walked a few feet behind me. When we got to the car I felt a shove, Mrs Jhonsen sharply said "moove it girl!" I was confused why did she do that? I started thinking that this was bad idiea, suddenly Mr Jhonsen laughed "Congradgulations to us, we have finaly found a slave. Right then ....girl what your task is for the rest of your life is to EVERYTHING we ask you to do!!! Our task? Well that is simple to make your life misrebble." I told the monsters that I have a name and that is Melony, Melony Sparks. They snapped at me "Well not anymore Melony it is Girl, got that!" I stumbled into the car and Mr Jhonsen went zooming down the drive. Pip luckely saw me , I could see the hot tears running down his freckely face. I whisperd come and find me Pip.

                                                 Mrs Jhonsen heard me and cackled "Awwww is prince charming going to come and save you. Come on face it he is going to forget about you completly. You will be removed from his mind for ever!" I screamed "No he won't he cares for me, no one will or does care for you, you are just cruel and ugly. Go back to hell" I felt Mrs Jhonsen punch me in the nose then the eye then the ribs "Are we going to have any more arguments Girl?" Mrs Jhonsen asked with fury "N-no Mrs" I replied. We had a silent journy back when i got out of the car I cried out "Owwwww!" my ribs where bleeding Mrs Jhonsen kicked me with her heels "Don't ever scream again or i will be sowing a zip on to your lips." She said.

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