The white Horse

I galloped far away from my parents mansion. My friend Pip was on a stallion right behind me, we had to get as far away from the kingdom of hell as we could.

It all started with me getting fostered and living a life that only hell monsters live. I tried not to cry when my parents would treat me like an unwanted house mouse. I would wake at five and start to prepare a feast just for breakfast, then I would prepare a hog roast for lunch followed by a first class pudding. The last meal of the day would be a banquet(I would have the scraps if i am lucky or the dogs will get them)


2. Secrets are unraveling.

The first step I took into the mansion a shiver traveld down my spine, I knew that I was in danger, these people are dangerous.I begun my chorse after unpacking my clothes, i wore my lucky scarf during my first job. Mr Jhonsen ripped of the scarf and burned it. The embers where flying free over the room " That's what you get for wering some thing nice!" Mr Jhonsen bellowed." Now prepare our banquit, we are hosting a ball tonight, remember stay up in your room we don't you there scaring away our guests, now chop chop!" I explored a cuberd thet held lots of pots and pans, I picked out a large pot, on it there was a wanted sighn that said WANTED Mr and Mrs Mc Frail. Under it there was a picture of a young girl with two udults standing next to her with a knife. I looked away and thought that the two adults looked like Mr and Mrs Jhonsen! I was living with two world known murderes. I got a differn't pan and started making a curry.

                                          I started to sweat as I thought of what will happen at night, then a small tear drop ran down my cheek.A bang came from upstairs I ran up the winding stair case and found the two monsters torchering a young girl with fine long hair, her eyes where as blue as the Carabiean sea. Then befor they did enything else to the poor young girl Mrs Mc Frail's eyes shot a glips of me she announced "This is what will happen if we don't like you" She got out an axe and said "nice for you to work for us but we don't need you any more!" Her head sliced of and blood oozed out of the preety girls dead body. Just befor anything else happend the doorbell rang , i went down to awnser it, as the door opend a warm smile appered and warmed me up , Pip was here he actuly came to rescue me!! I told him to go and hide in the cupboard a voice came traveling down the stairs "Who is it girl?" Mrs Jhonsen asked , "No one ." I replied. 

                                                                 Mr and Mrs Jhonsen started to get ready, so i fetched Pip from the cupboard, "It is time to leave this place once and for all Pip" I said nervesly. We tacked up one stallion for Pip to ride and a chestnut horse for me. We galloped as far away as we could from my foster parents house. 

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