Joe drinks mixed medicens and starts to shrink. The doctors call the scientists and Joe gets taken away into a top secret labrotory under ground so no one can find it.Joe gets strapped down to the table scissors and needles on either side of her, what can she do will she escape before they.....


2. At th doctors

  As she walked threw the newly washed glossy glass doors she smelt rotten cheese and overdue milk, it was coming from just her luck room number 2 her room. She felt as though she was going to through up on the plump little lady infront of her and die of embarassment because of throughing up on a little old lady in the childrens area of the doctors. Just seconds later her name was called through the big black speekers on the wall.

 " Could Joe Wiling please report to room 2 now, that is all thank you, " called the mysterious voice.

  So she sadly stumbled over towards room 2 a unhappy look on her brused head and her eyes so bored they were turning grey.

"Having trouble?" asked the nurse in her big round arm chair sarcastically.

" I've got a headache and I don't have any tablets," answered Joe misrebally.

" I'll give you this drink instead it will help more,"replied the nurse in her american accent.

Joe started to drink the multicoloured drink violently. Suddenly a chill went down her shaking spine and her arms dropped as though they were iron poles ment hold up buildings. Her legs chattering in the fans breeze and her eyes shriking in her now giagantic eye socets.

"hahhhhhhhhh!" a high pithch screech of laghter came from the women in her arm chair and she vanished in a puff of smoke.

 This revilled two sky scrapers of men to Joe that picked her up and placed her into a drak brown box and it all went black...

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