Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


7. Shopping


Claras P.O.V


After Harry had left, I looked over at Emily, and we burst out laughing because of the awkwardness. "So, should we leave, Mrs. Styles?" she giggled. I laughed again and said; "Just give me 5 minutes" and started walking towards my room. I could see in the back of my eye that she skipped right behind me, and I knew she was going to ask me loads of questions.

I opened my closet and slowly went through my different tops when it started. "What happened?" "What did he say?" "Did anyone see you?" "Are you meeting up again soon?" Emily almost interrupted herself while asking. I had never seen her so excited about anything like this. "Which one do you want me to answer first?" I said while making a silly face. "Wh-At- Just tell me what happened from the start!" she almost shouted at the end of her sentence. "Woah calm down girl! Well we met up, and just talked and talked, he really is down to earth" I proudly said. "And then?" She giggled. "Well we went home, and kissed, and then we lay-" I was speaking quite fast when she interrupted me. "AHHHHH OMG FANGIRLING KISSING!" She shouted as she jumped up and down. 

I picked up a blue sweatshirt that lay on the floor and threw at her face; making her so surprised she tripped over herself and fell on her bum. Hungry for revenge, she quickly grabbed a pillow, and threw it at me. I ducked and it hit my closet, making some of the tops fall down from the hangers, and land on top of me. Trying to get out, I slipped and landed flat on my face. Emily almost died of laughter, and so did I. "So are we going shopping now?" Emily giggled and looked over at me. "Yeah, let me just..." I started and took my shirt of, put on a loose grey top that now lay on the floor, combed my hair, and went out the door. 

It was more crowded then we had expected, but then again it was a pretty big mall we had picked. While looking at some earrings from pieces, I overheard a conversation between 5 girls, who properly where from the ages 13-15. "Oh my carrots, have you seen what Haz posted on twitter this morning?" A skinny blonde girl said, while chewing some gum. "Yeah, I've heard he got something last night, hahha" Another girl laughed. I smiled to myself, thinking how wrong they were. Those young Directioners really couldn’t see anything without thinking there had to be a secret meaning to it. I felt something vibrate in my pocket, so I reached down and picked up my still broken phone, to happily see that I had gotten a text from Harry. I rushed to open it, and smiled as I read it;

"Hey, Umm, I know it’s soon to ask, but are you free tonight<3?" Without thinking I texted him back: "Yes<3" And it didn’t take many seconds before he replied; "Great! Meet me at the train station at 7:)<3" Again without thinking I texted; "Can't wait!<3"

I had just clicked send, when I almost dropped my phone by the shock of Emily suddenly asking me; "Should I buy these?" Still in a shock, I didn’t answer her, and she asked me again. "What's going on Clara?" She poked me as she asked. "Oh... I’m meeting him tonight" I smiled, and my stomach filled itself with butterflies as I said it. "YAY! Should we go... I don’t know, shopping then?!" She laughed, and I nodded.


Harrys P.O.V

It was Louis' idea that I should invite her to my place, and my own that I didn’t tell her. I wanted this to be special.

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