Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


39. It's you


Harrys P.O.V


For a few seconds we all starred awkwardly at each other but then Liam’s first solo, and he just sung alone. Soon, we all were dancing an jumping to the well known song, having alot of fun. Of course people were starring, but we managed to get some of our friends to dance along. It was fun that they had played this particular song, because it reminded me of my and Clara's relationship. She was insecure, but so beautiful. And I did want her desperately. And then, I got an idea.

When the last ”Na Na Na, Na Na" was played, I grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to me, so we stood just like me and Madison in the video. Just as my famous solo began, I looked her straight into her lovely eyes, and smiled. I mimed along to the words, the words that described her perfectly. 


"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair get me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell.."


I could feel her blush, and I immediately crashed my lips against hers.

Like always, everyone took pictures, some we knew, and some we didn’t. But at that moment, that exact moment, she didn’t care. She didn’t pull away or slow down. She was mine. 


Zayns P.O.V


I could smell Emily perfume as I hugged her from behind. The sweet scent tickled in my nose, and automatically made me pull her closer. "Let's get a drink" I whispered in her ear, and she replied by softly pecking on my lips. Damn, she turned me on. Together, we dragged each other up to the crowded bar, and since we didn’t want to wait, I just bought 2 cold beers and a few shots. It burned a little in my throat as I felt the strong alcohol fly down, but that was my last concern at the moment. 
"Zaaaaaayn, let's dance, I love this song" She begged, and gave me a drunk flirty smile. I recognized the song, and pulled her out to the dance floor. This song was perfect for her, and even though I didn’t do much, we definitely got the most attention. As she stood there shaking her ass from the left to the right, moving closer to me, I started to get really turned on by her moves. When there was only a tiny layer of air between us, I could resist it any longer. I attacked her lips with mine, and whispered in her cute little dirty ear. "Let's go somewhere private" and to my pleasure, she agreed. 

I searched for a door to what could seem like a bedroom, but to our disappointment I didn’t seem to find anything, so I took her to the toilets. I knew it was unlike the gentleman I was trying to be, but the only thing on my mind was her. Me, and her. Together. Now. It just had to happen. And so it did. It was very enjoyable, Very.


Emilys P.O.V

After trying to look somewhat close to normal, we attempted to get back in the bar without getting noticed. It seemed to go well, until we turned around a corner. A mid aged man stood with his big black camera, smiling at us. 

"You seemed to enjoy yourselves in there" He muttered.
"Whatever you have, delete it and get lost" Zayn hissed at him from behind me. I took his hand, trying to calm him down. But I knew what had happened, and it was bad.
"Well, why shod I? Wouldn’t the whole world love to see the so innocent Zayn Malik sneaking around with an under aged girl, at his own party?" The man got on both of our nerves, but I seemed to be better at controlling myself then Zayn was.

But this was bad, really bad.


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