Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


35. "Are you ready for tonight?"


Zayns P.O.V


The rest of the day was full of awkwardness. We both were feeling really sick and just wanted to be alone. After we had gotten what seemed like enough sleep, she decided to go home. We didn’t talk much, but smiled at each other once in a while. After she had left, I just collapsed in my bed. My heart was driving my thoughts crazy, but the headache blocked my brain from thinking straight. But there was still one thing I was absolutely certain about; I had to see her again.


A few months went by, and we continued to see each other.  Some nights were wilder then others, and some days we even just hung out.  She seemed to love this on and of relationship, but I was just glad I got to spend time with her. With our new album coming out and all that, I really didn’t have time for a girlfriend. And the fans would hate it, just like some of them hated Clara. She and Harry were getting pretty serious now, or so it seemed at the times we all were together.

When Christmas came around, Emily went to spend it with her and Clara’s family, and I traveled back to my amazing home town Bradford, and on the way I came in touch with an old friend, Perrie Edwards, who was a singer in the popular girl band “Little Mix”.  Harry was with his family as well, and we didn’t see Clara or Emily much during the Christmas, but we had planned to all spend New Year’s Eve together, with plenty of our other friends.



Claras P.O.V

I had just gotten out of the hot shower, were my thoughts always exploded. I missed Harry so much, and tonight was just going to be one of the best nights of my life. Me, my perfect boyfriend, my best friend, her sort-of-boyfriend, and a bunch of other amazing people, were all going to be partying together. I caught myself smiling by the picture of a drunken Emily trying to dance in my head. Just like always, I knew I was going to take care of her later, when she usually threw up. But that was came along with New Years. The last couple of New Years parties hadn’t been that fun. Or actually, as embarrassed as I was, I hadn’t really been to a real party like this one. Usually it was just me and Emily heading out in town, where she hocked up with some guy. And then it hit me, it hit me so hard. What did I actually do, to deserve it? The negative part of my brain turned itself on, and quickly I was sitting in the corner of the shower, with tears streaming down my cheeks. Carefully, I lifted my right hand, and turned it over so I was facing my wrist. The small pink scars were still there.  And as far as I knew, they always would be there.

As I was starring at different scars all over my body, I almost didn’t notice my phone ringing. I quickly turned off the shower and rushed over to the towels, to dry my soaking body. Being sort of dry, I unlocked my phone to see that Emily had been the one calling. Before I even got the slightest chance to call her back, I heard a knock and my door, wrapped the towel around me and tip toed over to the wooden door. Just to make sure everything was okay, I peeked through the little glass whole, but when I saw the well known face on the other side I sighed with relief and immediately opened the door.

“CLARA!” Emily shouted and gave me the biggest hug, but quickly let go of my again when she felt how wet I was.

“It’s so good to see you again” I smiled as I spoke and walked over to my still messy closet.

“I’ve missed you! Are you ready for tonight?” She smirked, and pulled out the most beautiful black dress. It was sort of long, but open on the sides all the way from her ankles to her thighs.

“Oh.. That’s a really beautiful dress..” I mumbled, almost shocked at how good I knew it was going to look on her.

“And Zayn’s gonna loooooove you in it” I joked, and she just smacked a pillow in my face. We both burst out laughing, but then stopped, because we knew we had to get ready in time.

I really couldn’t wait to see Harry again.





Hey guys! Im so so so so so so so so so sorry its been forever since I last updated. I've just been really busy with Christmas and all that stuff.

And I'm sorry for this horrbile chapter! A boy from my school who I knew quite well was killed in a accident a few days ago, and I've just been really sad, and didnt feel like writing at all. But since its been like two weeks without a new chapter, I at least wanted to write something. I hope you like it anyway, and will continue reading my story. You are the most amazing readers in the world!

Have a great New Year, and remember to stay safe! Hopefully I'll be writing alot more in 2013.

Love you all!

xoxo, HarrysCurls. <3


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