Yours Truly

The average 16 year old girl Clara, has always been struggling making friends. She has never been one of the popular girs, and has only one really close friend. One day when she gets enough of school, she bumps into a charming young man, Harry Styles. Little did she know, that this boy could change her life completely..


23. A cocktail


Emily’s P.O.V

I walked into Clara’s room, to find her lying in her messed up double-bed, sleeping. I smiled a little to myself, and threw my bag on the ground next to a bookcase. Girls like her usually looked cute in their sleep, but Clara looked like a pig. A cute one though.

It got a little boring starring at her sleep, so I decided to wake her up. I removed all the things around her, took a few steps away, and before she could even get a chance to react I was flying across her room. I landed right beside her with an expectation of her freaking out and screaming. With Clara being well, Clara, she just lifted her head a little and pushed me out of the bed. “Go away” she mumbled with her head in the pillow. “Nope! And anyway, you promised you would help me get ready for the party tonight, which by the way, you should go to!” I had to talk a little louder than normal, just to make sure she didn’t fall asleep again.  She let out a sound, and then I was pretty sure she felt asleep again. I needed to get her up, she had to help me get ready for this party, I quickly got a cold glass of water in my hand, and poured it all over her face. This time she screamed and sat up straight away. “WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT ARE YOU DOING” She screamed, but seeing Clara, in her bed with make-up all over her face, tired as hell, couldn’t stop me from laughing. I ended up lying on the floor bursting out my laughter, and Clara just seemed to more angry.

At last she laughed a little bit, and I helped her clean up the little mess I had made. “So, what are you thinking of wearing tonight?” She asked me. “I have an idea, but I’m not exactly sure...” I started, but with her being exited, she cut me off; “SHOW MEE!!!!” she almost screamed. I slipped into my favourite dress; a tight and plain little black one, without straps sitting just right on my thighs. I admired myself in the mirror, and I had to admit, I looked pretty good. “How are you going to get into a club, you don’t have a fake ID?” Clara asked from behind me. I turned around to face her, and then back to the mirror. I pulled my dress down a little more, so you could almost see the edge of my bra. “Like this” I said with a smirk. “Well good luck, I’m glad it’s not me” At the end of her sentence she let out a small sigh, properly because she was tired.  “Oh come on, you love parties like this! Join me? Please? Pretty pretty pretty please? I don’t wanna go alone again!” I did my best to beg her by changing my voice a bit; I really wanted to convince her for this. “I’m just not in the mood, and besides, last time I went with you, you did a pretty good job on your own” She laughed a bit at the end, and I joined her. I

I remembered that night, I got so drunk I almost forgot who Clara was, and hung out with complete strangers, who I treated like my best friends. I knew I could make this a great party even if I went by myself, but I just seemed like a loner for the first 20 minutes. “Okay then! Just help me get ready then?” I walked over to the bookcase to get my bag, and gladly wrapped my hands around my 12cm black stilettos. “Oh you dwarf, now you’ll finally be 172 cm” Clara laughed with a teasing voice, and I picked up the nearest pillow and threw it at her face. She didn’t dodge, and it hit about half of her face. “Heey! Let’s just get you ready okay?” She had woken up now, and came over to where I was sitting with a big bag of make-up.

“Let’s seeeee... What type of look do you want? Oh I know! Something that screams “I’m Sexy!” Clara burst out laughing at her own little joke; she was so crazy that it made me laugh as well. “No but seriously, what type of look do you want?” She asked me again after a few minutes. I ended up wearing a dark smoky-eye, black eye-liner and a little bit of lip stick. I put my lovely shoes on, and looked at myself one last time before I walked out the door. There was no way people could think I was only 16, and I loved it.

As Clara followed me down to the train station, a lot of people, especially old people looked at us like we we’re freaks. It must have looked odd, two girls, one of them dressed up completely, and another in some tight jogging pants and a sweater. “Call me tomorrow when you wake up, or if you need a place to sleep tonight” Clara said as we hugged goodbye at the station. “I will” I felt so tall looking down at her, with her being 162cm and me now 172cm. I stepped inside the train, and quickly found a place where I could sit. I had to be here for about 10 minutes, then a reached my destination.

It was a little cold outside, but I didn’t have a jacket, and even if I had had one, I wouldn’t have put it on. My eyes searched for a club that looked interesting, and they landed on a bright one straight away. The music was loud and there was a little queue to get in, which usually meant it was a great one. People we’re talking loudly so it was hard for me to hear what the doorman was saying when I got to the entrance. I just stood there looking puzzled, but for some reason I got in.

I went straight up to the bar to my favourite cocktail, or, one of the only ones I had tasted; “Sex on the beach”. My eyes looked around on the dance floor, simply to try and spot some hot guys, but I was out of luck. I got my cocktail and the moment the liquid touched my lips, I knew I was going to have a fun night.

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