The Lady of Light

On a journey to find herself and all she lost in the past, Larien finds herself on a different kind of quest in the land of Anfel. Here she must help a race of people she never knew existed try to save their land from the evil Ung-mun, a race of the unknown. Join Larien and her fellow friends on a journey of destiny and fate.


1. The start of it all

   She stood, gazing at the lake. She clutched a golden chain in her hand. Crystal tears trickled down her cheek.         "How can I help them, when I can't help myself?"      The woman looked down at the locket sitting in the palm of her hand and wiped the tears from her eyes.        "I don't want to let you down."      She stared back out to the lake, still as a photograph. Her eyes were soon clouded by her tears once again. She walked along the edge of the water. Nobody was around. Her breathing was the only thing to be heard. She couldn't understand how she got there. She didn't intend on being there. At least she didn't think so anyway.       "Larien! Larien! Where are you?" A voice called in the distance.       "Oh no, they're back?", she said. "I'm over here, by the lake!"       "Larien! There's no time to go swimming!" said a tall man. He had shoulder length, wavy brown hair. His face was round, with emerald gren eyes. He was out of breath. "Come on, we have to go!"      "What's wrong Orophin?" Larien exclaimed.      "They're coming."

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