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  • Published: 29 Apr 2012
  • Updated: 7 May 2012
  • Status: Complete
This is the story of Lust. She doesn't get why everyone hates her so much.


5. Life passes by...

The moment she got caught, was humiliating.

"Hello beautiful." The voice belonged to a man. Ashley knew that he had a wife and two kids in the better part of London. She smiled to him. She was an empty shell. He walked in the boudoir, where she was sitting on the bed. Her hair hang loose, her leps where blood red. Today she was wearing less than usual, she knew he liked her that way. Only wearing a black corsage under her full breasts. Her tights in black lace, and underpants which should be more considered as a lap of fabric. She closed her eyes, as he got to her.

He started to kiss her, and she responded. He leaned over, so she now was laying on the bed. Ashley pulled him down to her, and opened his shirt, while he now kissed her down her neck. When he finally was laying half naked, he had started kissing her breasts.

That was when steps where heard just outside the apartment door. Ashley immediately froze, but the man, very drunk, didn't hear a thing. He had placed a hand on her ass, while he with the other took of his pants.

The apartment door opened, and Ashley tried to pull away. The man over her, only found that more arousing, and now dressed her off, so she was more naked than before. The man from the apartment weren't in a rush, and when they walked in, Ashley was already naked, except a pair of underpants,  and the man over her, was rubbing him against her body, gasping for air.

She looked with fear at the man who had entered the room, but was at the same time still aroused of the male body over her. The newcomer was a plumb, small man and looked with a victory feeling on his face.

"Ashley Smeith, you are arrested for prostitution."

Ashley froze again. She knew what this meant. But her partner was still to drunk to take in the situation, removed her underpants with his theeth. The bald man looked at him with disgust, and in the same moment two more robust looking men came in and dragged the naked man away from Ashley, who quickly took the the blanket over here, now that there wasn't anything -or anyone, to hide her naked body from the smaller audience.

But one of the men just took her in the shoulder roughly, and dragged her, so she now was standing up. He then pulled the blanket down, so she was standing naked.

This was how she was going, trough London to the prison. She tried to keep her head high, but she couldn't. Not on the fine streets, where all where looking with digust, even the socalled gentlemen, who she had seen several times herself, where looking with disgust, while dragging his kids in the house.

Ashley was miserable. Why couldn't they just execute her, and get over with it? With her head down, her body exposed and covered in soil from people trowing mud at her, she slowly walked to her death.

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