Aubrey has always lived in a life full of hatred so one day Aubrey makes a bargain and almost everything goes from bad to worse


2. The Stranger

Aubrey woke up to the alarm of her clock and ran downstairs to see her mother drinking beer.

"What are you doing?"Aubrey mother asked her.

"going to school"Aubrey replied.

"Bring me a packet of ciagrettes after school"Aubrey mother shouted at her.Aubrey stared at her mother why would they give a pack of cigarettes to a 11 year old girl.But Aubrey was not going to refuse as she would be beaten.

"OK bye"Aubrey replied picking up her school bag and running outside to school.Aubrey smiled as she reached school.School was the only place Aubrey felt happy and safe in.Aubrey ran inside to meet her friends.As Aubrey ran in a girl called her Aubrey didn't recognized her maybe she was new

"Hi do i know you"Aubrey asked at the puzzled face girl.

"i know you have problems to do with home do you want them gone"asked the girl.Aubrey nodded

"Here's a card let a tear drop and i will appear you have 5 wishes you can pay me later"the stranger replied handing a card and disappearing.

"Where are you"Aubrey shouted but Noone was there.Aubrey placed the card in her pocket.

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