a story



1. first sight

 I walked down the dreary corridor my best friend naz speaking for England about this new boy in our class. Matt he was blond haired and F.I.T. he had casually knocked on the door of tutor and entered with the tiniest bit of swag in his walk but not enough to project a sense of arrogance. All of the girls gasped and the boys straightened up in their seats. They realised they had competition. He said in his dreamy voice “hey I’m the new kid matt I think this is my form" I and naz were practically dribbling. As we trekked up the stairs to science naz was just saying how she wandered whether he had a girlfriend. " I mean I wouldn’t  be bothered if he did it would just be nice to know as then any poor girl who asked him out wouldn’t  be rejected" said naz " mmmmm " I said in reply as I was off in my dream world.  Waiting outside the science room matt was standing there hands in pockets looking cool as. A girl went over to talk to him, he gave a small smile and did polite chit chat but by the looks of things he was bothered. “New year. New seating plan!" announced Mr. Carter as we shuffled in to the dark class room. He decided to put us alphabetically. I hadn’t been paying enough attention in registration matt's surname was frost my surname was France. We were put at a back desk together he immediately started smiling when he saw this and put out his hand “matt" he said quietly” Georgia" I said smiling at him. Science was amazing we sat there talking for the whole thing and then at the end he was like “bye Georgia see you later hopefully"!! Naz whizzed over to me and told me to tell her everything. I explained everything as we strolled home from school. Naz just walked along mouth open as if she couldn’t believe he had chosen me to talk to out of all people. “Naz if you're in love with him I don’t have to take it any further than friends" I told her. She didn’t reply just walked up the pathway of her house and disappeared. That night was the first night I dreamt I was with matt frost.

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