Autumn light.

Two soulmates, two worlds, two lovers, one pure one with revengem which will Autumn choose?


1. Mysteris.

Autumn loved being alone. She was never good at `chit chat` she always said somethig wrong or stupid in company, when shes alone she feel whole again, like she belongs. You might call her weird, but she`ll just ignore you, so thers no point in that. She was walking in the Witch woods, she wasnt suppoed to be here alone after dark, there were stories of children dissapering in these woods, but that just made autumn more curious. Last year her best friend, Spencer, dissapeared in these woods. Tonght Autumn decided to play nancy drew and find out once and for all, what the hell is up with this forest.

But its not very smart for 12yr old to be hanning around in forests all night, but her mum was out, her sister was at her friends and her dad dosntlive with her, just perfect timing for a good investigation.

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